Monday, October 11, 2010

Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997 Reserva Dorada 2010

So I'll be frank with you, this is not a pretty cigar, even with its gimmicky "metal" cigar band, it's still an ugly duckling. In fact, I would have never bought it based purely on its looks. No, I bought this cigar solely because of its shiny metal ring. Yes, the gimmick paid off. Here I am in this big cigar store looking at a million different cigars, and this ugly little turd with the pretty bronze ring catches my eye. I've never seen a metal cigar band before, so I just had to have it, regardless of the price.

Anyway, my lovely wife and I were in downtown Kirkland on Friday night before the rains came, it was actually a pretty nice evening, no wind and the temperature was still in the upper 60's - very pleasant. So we sat down with the gang out in front of the Patch and I pulled out my smoke for the evening.

This cigar reminds me of the DaVinci Leonardo that I've smoked, both have that rugged dark firm wrapper, both are medium bodied maduros with an excellent draw and a very smooth full flavored taste. I've got to tell you, even though I knew this was a gimmick cigar, I liked it. Would I buy one again? If it cost me the same as the DaVinci Leonardo, heck yes! Unfortunately, these are considerably more expensive, so more than likely, no, I wouldn't buy it again... So sad...
My Rating: 8


Chris said...

What are those going for per stick? I saw them in JR catalog and looked a little expensive. I believe right under 100 for box of 12.

Also, they don't care if ya'll sit around outside and smoke cigars? I'm surprised especially in Kirkland they don't bug you about the 25 foot rule or people would complain.

Anyways, always a good read. I will be attending the Smoke Easy as well, can't wait.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

I think I paid around $10 for one of these at the Tobacco Patch?

There are a couple of places where you'll see dedicated cigar smokers in Kirkland - of course there is out in front of the Patch, but also you'll find another group over by Starbucks, and that's only about 100 feet away. Both places are cigar-friendly.

Since most of the smoking is done after 8 PM, the people who are most likely to complain have already gone to bed, and usually the people who are bar-hopping could careless.

Thanks for the comments Chris!

Chris said...

10 bucks huh? That's not too bad to at least give it a try. I'll be in Kirkland Friday evening for a friends birthday dinner. Maybe I'll stroll in really quick and pick one up.

I will have to try to stick around sometime and smoke outside the shop, but it's hard to make the girlfriend wait around while I smoke, haha. Some other time I guess. Is it the Starbucks that's near the QFC near the movie theater and old TGIFridays?

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Occasionally you'll see guys smoking cigars at that Starbucks too, but the one I'm talking about is right downtown, just a few doors down from Cactus restaurant.

I'll probably miss you on Friday night - going to try to make it up to the casino.