Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ashton VSG

Up at the casino on Saturday night - too crappy to smoke outside in the rain in downtown Kirkland, plus I wanted to meet KCC's guest cigar reviewer - Señor Cristóbal, he told me that he'd be here..

Skipping ahead...

After a little gambling, doubled my money I might add, we walked over to the Lit Lounge to have a cigar. The place was packed, standing room only. Turns out that the Paquiao vs. Margarito boxing match was about to start on the big screen TVs. We needed some cigars first. I walked into the big humidor and picked out an Ashton VSG off the top shelf for myself and found a Hemingway Short Story for my bride. The crew up at the Lit lounge are really good about making you feel at home - cutting and toasting your cigar is standard - very nice touch.
Anyway, it was so busy that we had to stand in the corner up by the bar, which turned out to be a good spot, unobstructed view of the big screen, right next to the bar, and for some strange reason the smoke filtration system works exceptionally good in this corner - I could actually breath and my eyes weren't burning from the clouds of smoke in the room. I ordered a shot of Pyrat Pistol rum, one of my favorite drinks to have with a cigar, and my better-half ordered a Kahlua and coffee, which is delicious here - French press coffee, Kahlua, topped off with whip cream. She LOVES it!

OK, so let me tell you about this beauty of a cigar that I smoked - The Ashton VSG - Virgin Sun Grown. (What exactly is a virgin sun grown anyway?)
 Excellent smoke it was though, just about perfect in every way - Churchill size, nice wrapper, rich color, perfect firmness, full flavored taste and just the right draw, my kind of smoke indeed. I actually thought I might be mistaken about how good this cigar was, so I asked my wifey-poo if I could have a puff off her cigar just to see if my taste buds weren't fooling me. I was right - her Hemingway Short Story tasted like crap compared to this rich and smooth hunk-of-love. That's what I'd call it, not an ordinary cigar, but a "hunk-of-love".

This VSG cigar has made it near the top of my "best cigars" list - I would definitely buy a box, my only issue is the price - very $$$.
My Rating 9.8

Anyway, I finally met up with Chris - super nice, young, good-looking, articulate, and he enjoys a fine cigar probably more than I do. I think he was on his third stick when I met up with him. I encouraged him to continue with his reviews, so hopefully you'll see his name on this page again soon. Right Chris?

What a grand evening though - doubled my money at the slots, smoked a fantastic cigar, watched 12 rounds of probably the best boxing I've ever seen, but what made it even more grand was the camaraderie between all the cigar aficionados here - what a great bunch to watch the fights with!


Anonymous said...

Good read. No reviews for me this week. Though I did smoke 3 cigars at the lounge, haha. I paced myself on them and didn't smoke one after another. I only stayed for a third because I learned of a bad car accident north of 85th, so I stuck around since I would have to drive back that way and didn't want to get stuck in traffic.

I did smoke my last Cabaiguan from my box I had, and a Graycliff I got from the Smoke Easy. It was alright, can't complain too much for a free cigar. I ended the night with a 5 Vegas Gold that I got from a sampler pack. I like them, easy draw and lots of smoke.

I got lucky to get a table at the lounge. I had no idea there was a boxing match, which I'm not even a fan of but the main event was pretty awesome. I shared my table with random people throughout the night and one guy bought my beer for me, so that was nice of them.

Always enjoy going to the lounge there. We'll have to meet again to smoke a cigar sometime.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

It was great meeting you Chris, too bad we didn't have a chance to smoke a cigar together - for sure the next time! I'll keep you posted as to when I'm heading up again.

Thanks for the comments!

Chris said...

No problem. I just might...just might be going up there after Thanksgiving dinner since I will be in Issaquah for dinner that night. But I doubt that will happen since the girlfriend will be with me.

I forgot to mention that my El Triunfadors will be coming in the mail today. Can't wait to smoke one.