Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tatuaje El Triunfadors

I recently got a box of the Tatuaje El Triunfadors about a week or two ago. I had to drive out to Snoqualmie to rescue the girlfriends car at her work on Friday and I swung into the casino after she got her car. I lit up one of the new cigars and man was it awesome. I bought these for a nice somewhat quick, yet still not too long of a smoke. It lasted about 35-45 minutes, I wasn't really keeping track of time. I almost wish I bought a bigger size so I could smoke even more of it. It was great all the way to the end. I'll have to smoke one without eating the trail mix they give you because the spiciness of the mix probably took away from the flavor from the cigar. But nonetheless it was still great. Nice medium smoke all the way through never getting really spicy, even to the end.
It seems like the Macanudos have been a hit or miss lately. Like that 1968 I had. I had a tight draw on it and the flavor wasn't anything special. I have another one in the humidor. Hopefully it loosens up some and isn't so tight next time. I do enjoy their Cafe or Gold Label sometimes. I would have them as my go to smoke, but I know there's better out there so I should still look around before I find something I will buy repeatedly. 

Well until next time...

(Señor Cristóbal)

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