Monday, December 6, 2010

Illusione Epernay (box press)

I stopped by the Tobacco Patch on Saturday night to have a cigar with the gang. Temperature couldn't have been more than 32º with an occasional Arctic blast out of the north - it was frickin freezin! The only saving grace for me was that occasionally I would jet into the store and warm up my feet and hands. (Yes, we're nuts!)

Anyway, I bought this Illusione Epernay last week over at JnJ Cigars in Seattle. I was actually looking for something else, but this caught my eye. The beautiful dark brown wrapper, its Churchill size, its box pressed shape and its simple label all contributed to me picking this stick off the shelf. I couldn't resist, it called my name. Well, sort of...

So Saturday night while I was down at the Patch I had my opportunity to try it out. BTW, my lovely and very intelligent wife didn't join me - she said it was "too cold". An understatement, I might add. Interesting little fact, years ago we used to have an outdoor patio heater that we used to keep us warm specifically on nights like this. Wonder whatever happened to it?

So what did I think? I liked it. Medium to full-bodied flavor, smooth, not necessarily a rich smooth taste, but overall it was very enjoyable. I might add that it had a terrific finish - my favorite part was the last 20 minutes. Delicious!

What didn't I like about it? It may have been the cold, but I had to re-lite this sucker about 10 times. Might have been due to the amount of moisture in the air along with that killer cold breeze.

My Rating: 8.2

Sunday was a total change, partly sunny and temp up near 50 or so. That night we lit up the fireplace out on our back deck and fired up the patio heater.. It was so nice compared to the night before. I brought out a couple of Oliva cigars and my favorite rum (Zacapa) and we kicked back and took it easy. I actually had a pretty busy weekend, so this was a well deserved break for my sweetie and I.

A note for next week's review - I plan on reviewing the El Triunfador Lancero (SODO Blend). This was the other cigar that I picked up at JnJ's . Can't wait to try it out!

Side note:
Have you seen the new restaurant that's going in next to Hector's in downtown Kirkland? Name on the sign says "Milagro Cantina". I took a peak in the window yesterday - WOW! Pretty impressive. Looks like it might open this week. I'll keep you posted. I'm sure we'll go there for drinks or dinner pretty quick.


Chris said...

No cigars for me this weekend. Though I did get into the Cigar and Wine shop there in Redmond at the mall to get some gifts for groomsmen. I bought a couple cheap ones and 2 Nubs and a Tatuaje.

There will definitely be some cigar smoking this weekend though. Can't wait to read about the SODO blend you got.

Have you ever tried Pyrat Rum? I bought a bottle of it but have yet to open it, same with the Crown Reserve. I think the Pyrat will go well with coke but I don't know about the Reserve.

Speaking of restaurants, the building the Slip is in is up for sale or the future of the Slip is in jeopardy. I hope they don't go away.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Pyrat Rum is one of my favorites, in fact when I go up to the Casino I usually have a shot of Pyrat Pistol, which is really good stuff! Don't spoil it with coke though, drink it neat and you'll love it.

Wow, I hadn't notice that the Slip building is up for sale - that sucks big time.

I was in downtown Kirkland last night and swung by the new Milagro restaurant - it was PACKED!

Your big day is coming up pretty fast. Nervous?

Thanks for the comments Chris!

Chris said...

I've never had the Pyrat before. But I picked up a bottle. I'm not a fan of spiced rums but I don't think the Pyrat is, I hope not because I never found anything saying it was. There was a rum I tried at the Smoke Easy but forgot the name, I have the info on it at home though. I've never been a big hard A fan, so I usually don't sip on it or do shots for the most part. But I'm trying to find some stuff that will go good with a cigar but won't turn me off either.

I don't understand the restaurants in Kirkland, a lot of places open and then end up closing down. Olive You is somewhat new and never looks busy and then there was a bar across from the Starbucks and that's closed now too. And that little mall area there where that bar is is pretty empty too. I'll have to check out that new place sometime though.

Yup the big day is coming. This Saturday.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Pyrat is the perfect complement to a fine cigar - seriously, you're going to love it.

The bar across the street from Starbucks was always packed at night, but apparently they didn't like to pay their rent. Rumor has it that they closed up owing $60k.

Yes, lots of restaurants in our little town, the great part is that they're all within walking distance. I really hope Olive You makes it, that's my favorite new place.

Wishing you the very best this weekend my friend. I know it'll be a day that you'll never forget! (if you ever do, you'll pay for it)