Saturday, December 18, 2010

SODO Blend

Finally had a chance to try the El Triunfador Lancero SODO blend last night.

To quote my friend Sir Godfather:

The burn on this cigar is even with a smooth draw, and very creamy. The ash is even with light gray and white finish. The initial flavors in your palate are mild with an increasing change from a very light sweetness, cocoa, and coffee. Half way through the cigar, a pleasant peppery spice kicked in, followed by an earthy tobacco flavor. From the beginning to the end this cigar smoked like no other El Triunfador Lancero I had tried before. This is a medium-strong cigar to my palate. It was a pleasant, and a rewarding smoke. Second to none in its class.
(you can read the full review here: 10-7 Habanero Club)

I couldn't have described it any better - nice job Herman!

This was a very good cigar, maybe a tad on the peppery side for my taste, but I did enjoyed it. What caught my attention was the very delicate sweetness to it, just a hint layered on top of the peppery spice - a very nice touch indeed! You'll find that even though this is a pretty firmly wrapped Lancero size cigar, it has a great draw. The only thing you won't like is that it's over in about 30-35 minutes. Oh well... have two!
My Rating: 8.2

Side note: When we're down at the Tobacco Patch on winter nights, we usually freeze our asses off, but no more. My lovely wife picked up a couple of boxes of hand and foot warmers at Costco yesterday afternoon. These are the warmers that you shake to activate. We tried them out last night - EUREKA - THEY WORK! No more cold toes and fingers. Oh man, what a difference it makes...

Life is good...

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