Monday, January 24, 2011


I went over to Starbucks in Georgetown one day last week for coffee, it had stopped raining just long enough for me to walk there instead of driving - gotta try to get my exercise in. Anyway, just a few doors down from the mocha factory is Rain City Cigars. Yeah, I think I was just looking for an excuse to buy a few cigars that day.

Friday night, Cigar Night, pouring down rain of course, so bye-bye Kirkland, hello Snoqualmie...

Magnum 660 6 x 60

This is the cigar I smoked while I was up at the Lit Lounge. By the way, it was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night - we found a place to sit right when we walked in. I wish I would have had that kind of luck while gambling.

So what did I think? Meh... it was OK. It's a great looking cigar though, dark oily wrapper, pyramid-chisel shape, BIG ring size, but it's a tad on the firm side. Draw was a little tough as well and it didn't produce as much smoke as I would have liked. It was smooth though, but it didn't have the full-bodied taste that I was expecting. On the plus side, it had a perfect burn, nice white ash and it lasted for-frickin-ever. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad cigar at all, just not a superb one. (I'm clearly not an expert)

My Rating: 7

The rest of the weekend I was smoking my go-to cigars (Oliva's) - still some of the best cigars on the planet.

Side note: Saturday night we tried out the new Milagro restaurant in downtown Kirkland. Place was packed, and this is a BIG place too! Somehow we managed to time it just right and got a table right away, and in my opinion it was the best table in the house. If you're familiar with Cactus restaurant down the street, this place is on the same caliber, and basically it's the same type food; Tex-Mex. We liked it and the price was reasonable. My personal opinion is try Cactus first, if you can't get a table there, head over to Milagro. What's going to be weird is when they open "Mi Mexico", it's right next to Cactus - 3 Mexican restaurants in a two block radius. Oh well, I've seen stranger things.

One other note - I noticed that the new "Olive You" lounge is open. (back side of Olive You Restaurant)
Very NICE! Standing room only on Saturday night. Hope they continue to do a good business! I really like the restaurant.

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