Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tabacos Baez Monarcas by Don Pepin Garcia

Great herf last night at the Patch - weather cooperated for us. In fact it was nice enough for me to sneak a second cigar in, which I usually don't do on a Friday night, not because I don't want to, but either my lovely wife will give me "the-look" that it's time to go, or the weather will just be too crappy to stick around. Last night was neither, so I enjoyed a couple of fine cigars while sipping Turkish tea. Nice, very nice.

So let me tell you about one of the cigars. (the other was an Oliva and I'm sure you know how I feel about those)

Tabacos Baez Monarcas by Don Pepin Garcia  6½ x 52

This was the cigar that I bought down at Rain City Cigars the previous week. It was up on the top shelf in the upper left-hand corner of the humidor, not a high traffic area as far as humidor are concerned. To tell you the truth, I've never heard or seen the Tabacos Baez label before. Guess that's why I bought it?

What did I think? It was OK. Again, nothing special. Maybe I'm setting my standards too high? I keep waiting for that cigar that's going to make me sit-up straight and yell: "WOW! This is a GREAT cigar!" I'll give you a couple of examples - Cuban Stock Royal Selection and the J Fuego Origen. Man, those are superior cigars!

Alright, back to the TB - Generally speaking it's not a bad cigar, I did enjoyed it. It had a good draw, nice smoke action, burn was flawless, but the flavor wasn't there for me. Kind of an ordinary smoke, so to speak.

Would I buy one again? Probably not. (however, I'd never turn one down if it was given to me)

My Rating: 7

Side note:
My friend and guest commentator Chris made it down to the Patch for the first time last night. It was nice to finally meet up, I really enjoyed talking cigars with him. I'm sure we'll do it again soon my friend!

BTW, what was the name of that "kick-ass" cigar that you smoked?

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Chris said...

That "kick ass" cigar was a Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial.

It was a great cigar but I would suggest eating a bigger, more filling dinner. A sub from Jimmy Johns won't work unless you eat 3 of them.

I would smoke it again, might pick up a stick or two if I see them around to have on stock after a BIG dinner next time I'm in the mood for one.