Monday, February 14, 2011

Go To Cigars

My "go to" cigar continues to be the Oliva Serie G Churchill, I have yet to find a better smoke out there for the money. Best price that I've ever found is at Serious Cigars. However, if you time it just right you can pick up 10 of these for super cheap over at Joe Cigar - unfortunately I rarely see them listed.

What would you consider to be your "go-to" cigar? Be honest. I don't want to know what cigar you dream of smoking all the time, I want to know the cigar that you can afford to smoke all the time.

Now I've always said that these are my "go-to" cigars, but if money were no object, heck, I honestly don't know what I would pick? I'll let you know if this opportunity ever arises.
Side note: I'm planning on going to the Lit Smokers Series #7 at the Sno Lounge on the 26th.

Fun, fun, fun!


Chris said...

I still have yet to find my go to cigar. Of course I have a couple boxes of cigars in my humidor but they're too expensive to keep as a go to cigar. So I'm still on the look out for that not too cheap, not too expensive cigar to always keep stocked up.

Sorry I haven't been around as much. I ended up with a cold and then got a wonderful sinus infection. So I haven't gotten a chance to smoke a cigar in 2 weeks now. I'd love to go to the Lit event on Saturday but I might just rest again this weekend though I'm getting better thanks to the antibiotics. Damn illness....

Hef said...

You might still be able to go to the Lit Event - it's not this weekend, it's the following. Plenty of time to get over your nasty cold.

Hope you feel better!

Chris said...

Yeah I just noticed that. I tried to comment again but the site messed up on me. Oh well. I might get a ticket for it. I may have to work that weekend again but I'll be off in time for it and it doesn't go too late either.

I finally got my new humidor and got a new "cigar" hat. I'll have to tell ya about them sometime soon. Obviously you'll see the hat, haha.

Anonymous said...

Padron 2000 Natural, Liga Privada #9, Perdomo Champagne, and of course the Oliva Serie G

Hef said...

Nice selection of Go-to's! I think I might try one of those Liga Privada #9's this weekend if I can find one.

Chris said...

I'll be seeing you at the Lit Smokers Series next week. I got my ticket. I had the wife stop in to the casino box office and get my ticket for me and to see if you can skip that wonderful Ticketmaster fee, which you can. So I saved by not having to buy them online. God, I hate Ticketmaster and their stupid fees.

Anyways, see ya next weekend!

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

See you there Chris!

BTW, I'll probably head up to the Lit this weekend as well - I still need to buy my tickets. (avoiding the Ticketmaster fees)