Monday, February 28, 2011

La Gloria Cubana Serie R No.7

Icy cold temperatures and off and on snow all week, plus a head-cold that's driving me nuts, but nothing was going to stop me from driving up to Snoqualmie on Saturday for the Lit Series #7.

So let me tell you about it -
I arrived at the casino around 2 PM, it was snowing lightly, nothing sticking to the roads though. I sometimes forget that Snoqualmie is indeed up in the hills - a fair amount of snow had already blanketed the surroundings. I drove up here solo since my lovely wife chose not to join me this time, thus no need for valet parking - I put the car in garage and took the elevator up to the casino.

The event was in the Sno Lounge - I've seen the multitudes at night crowding into this place for the dance scene, but I've never actually been inside for myself. I was really surprised when I walked in and saw just how big and open this place really is. Now I see how they can cram so many people in here. What was even more amazing was seeing about 100 cigar aficionados gathered together in one place for this event. Am I in heaven?

Josh, the manager of the Lit Lounge and organizer of the event was at the check-in table, he was nice enough to get me set up with cigars and a glass Macallan 12 year scotch (over the signature ice ball). My friend Chris and his brother Dan were sitting over by the windows, so I took a seat up with them. Beautiful panoramic view of the snow-covered mountains and valley from these chairs.

So while I'm at it, let me tell you about the first cigar that I smoked at the event:

La Gloria Cubana Serie R No.7
Natural - Size 7" x 58

This is a giant of a cigar, probably made for Paul Bunyan, it's like a little baseball bat. No problem though, I can handle it. The wrapper felt a little soft, maybe spongy, but it had a good draw, not too loose, and flavor turned out to be great - I liked it a lot! My problem, and this turned out to be kind of a big problem, was the burn. The cigar from the very beginning started to unravel, sort of looked like it had exploded at times, very messy. But, the taste prevailed and I couldn't put it down. After more than 2 hours, and I still had a long ways to go, the LGC Rep came over to ask us how we were doing? Well, I showed him my cigar that looked like the end had blown up and he said "Oh, that's not good. Hang-on and I'll get you something else." Big smile on my face, "OK." He brought me a El Rico Habano Double Corona as a replacement. Sweet!

So before I tell you about El Rico, I'll give you my rating for what I thought of the Serie R - My Rating: 8 (I would have rated it higher had it not fallen apart so badly)

So in addition to the hors d’oeuvres, booze and cigars and great service, there was some really fine Latin music - whoever picked the tracks knew their stuff! Fantastico!

OK, so I put the Paul Bunyan cigar out in the ash tray and lit up the El Rico Habano Double Corona. Natural - Size: 7" x 48

This turned out to be a very enjoyable smoke. Even though it was another Churchill size cigar, the ring size was more my style. I liked this cigar even more than the last one. Perfect draw, exceptionally smooth, loads of flavor and a razor-sharp burn of nice white ash. I loved it!

My Rating: 8.8

Towards the end of the event it was time to see who was walking home with the door prizes. I kind of assumed that there would only be a few prizes, but HOLY COW, Josh had a boatload of stuff to give away! Unfortunately I didn't score anything, but Chris, the guy I was sitting next to won the grand prize. I thought he was going to blast off when they called his numbers. He gave out a big yell "YES!". That was too cool that he won - way to go Chris!

This was the first Lit Series that I've attended and I've got to tell you that I definitely will be going to the rest of them - it was a GREAT time. My thanks to all the nice people who put this event together for us - You have truly made this the BEST Casino in the Northwest!

Great Job!


Chris said...

It was definitely a fun event. I can't wait for more of them in the future. I hope they host other great cigar events as well.

Not sure what I'm going to do with a golf bag...but I'll find something, haha.

Josh said...

Thanks for the great review! The music playlist was mine. A lot of the songs are from a compilation called the Che Guevara Lounge Keep the awesome cigar blogs coming!

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Great playlist Josh - thanks for the link!