Monday, February 7, 2011

Mystery Cigar - Arturo Fuente No Label (gratis)

I'm curious how many cigars you smoke per week? Me, I smoke anywhere from 1 to 4, but mind you I only smoke on the weekends. This routine seems to work well for me, kind of regulates myself from smoking too much, or spending too much on cigars. I'm sure I could easily smoke everyday if the opportunity came about.

Anyway, I was at the Patch the other night and the owner gave me this Arturo Fuente cigar - apparently the rep had given it to him earlier. Now I'm wondering since there's no label on it, was it a reject cigar?

Couple observations - when I first put the cigar in my humidor I removed the cellophane and took a little whiff of the wrapper: pleasant, faint barnyard aroma to it. Now a few days later when it came time to lite it up, the same cigar has a slight ammonia smell. Interesting...

So I smoked this cigar while helping my son with his taxes last night, we had just returned from a big Super Bowl party up on the Plateau. I would have loved to have smoked it up at the party, but I would have been the only one smoking and it was pouring down rain out. Nah, I don't think so...

I've got to tell you that it wasn't a bad smoke, but it had a few issues. First was consistency. At times it was smooth and creamy, but then it would change to peppery, almost harsh, switching back to smooth and creamy. So whenever I thought it was a crappy cigar, it would change back to a decent smoke. Draw and burn were both good, and I noticed a slight sweetness as well - no complaints in the smoke department. A robusto/toro size with a dark brown wrapper - fast burning though. I don't think it even lasted an hour.

Would I buy one of these? No, maybe just a bit too full-bodied for my taste.

My Rating: 7

Saturday night after a big dinner out in the U-District (Tempero do Brasil), we head up to the Snoqualmie Casino.We arrive at the casino and I see that they've blocked off the valet parking: FULL. WTF? That's twice this has happened. The last time we couldn't even park in the lot though, that was full too. Anyway, so this was the first time that I've actually parked the car in the lot. HOLY COW, this is one BIG frickin parking lot. There's a 6 story parking garage, plus the regular outside parking, which goes on forever. You see, you've got to go through the parking garage and up 6 floors to get to the casino, but once you get to the 6th floor, you've got a great view of the valley below and you can see the enormity of the parking lot. JEEZ - I still can't believe that this lot could ever fill to capacity, there's got to be a billion parking places.

So anyway, we gambled for a bit, then head over to the Lit Lounge for a cigar and a drink. I didn't bring any cigars with me, so I had to find something in their humidor. I scored an EP Carrillo for myself, and a Drew Estates JAVA for my lovely wife. We found a nice table to sit at and I ordered a couple of drinks.

I've smoked the EP Carrillo brand before, the EdiciĆ³n Inaugural 2009, which I really liked. The one tonight was a Churchill size.

So what did I think? I liked it, maybe not as much as the 2009 version, but it was a good smoke. Smooth, medium to full-bodied, good draw and lots of pleasing smoke. Plus, this cigar took forever to smoke - my wife kept giving me "the-look" that it was taking too long. Hah!

Would I buy this again? Heck yes!

My Rating: 8.9


Josh said...

If I had to bet, your mystery cigar is a JC Newman custom bundle sample. Not made by Fuente. Of course, the Arturo Fuente cigars are distributed by JC Newman, but they make their own cigars as well. Rick, the Fuente rep was in Lit as well with samples for a custom bundle program. It's a Nicaraguan cigar with a Connecticut wrapper. That's my guess.

Hef said...

Thanks for the info Josh! I'm glad someone knows what I'm smoking!

See you up at the Lit!