Sunday, March 13, 2011

Berger and Argenti Cigars

My good friend Chris was nice enough to write a little something about the Berger and Argenti Cigar Event over at J n J Cigars last Thursday. After reading what Chris wrote I wish I would have gone!
BTW,  if you didn't see the photo of the Grand Prize winner at the Lit Series #7 Event, here it is -

Way to go Chris!
 Señor Chris

So I said I wasn’t going to go to the cigar event down at JnJ because I had class that evening and didn’t want to be out late on a work night either. Well I lied and skipped my class and braved the somewhat late night and checked out the event. It was pretty cool. They had some of their other cigars there as well, such as the Mooch and Classicos. The main highlight was the Entubars. To be honest, they have a cool look to them and kind of strange to me, but I was more interested in trying the Classico. Also, the Entubar is kind of weird to me, most cigars are all similar when it comes to construction and the way they’re made, but obviously you got to do something a bit different to stand out, in which, the Entubar does. I didn’t smoke one when I was there but I did buy some. They had some deals like buy 3 get 1 free kind of thing. Well I bought 3 and the co-founder of the B&A just kept handing out free ones. So I bought 3, got 3 free, haha. My brother and I went in on a box too of the Classico Corona Gordas and they gave us another 12 cigars for free on top of that. So I came home with quite a bit. I’ll have to give ya one to try. I really enjoyed it and it had great flavor and lots of smoke. I got quite a few of the Entubars as well. They have one that has the same wrapper as the Classico and then another with a Maduro wrapper.

After we bought our box, John the owner of JnJ let my brother and I go up to the Vertigo Club to smoke a cigar. He said who ever bought a box that night would be allowed to go upstairs and smoke a cigar. Me having been there before, I already knew what to expect of the place. My brother on the other hand, it was his first time there. He thought the place was the coolest place he’s ever been to. Will was there earlier in the night but I haven’t seen him yet and when we went upstairs to smoke another cigar, Will was already gone to get something to eat. I was hoping he would have returned so I could say hello again, but no luck. I’ll have to shoot him an email.

Well that’s my story about the cigar event. They have 2 more coming up in April. One is on the 9th and the other is on the 29th. Both on a weekend night, so that’ll be awesome, be able to stay out later. 

Nice job Chris!

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