Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guillermo León Cigars

Relentless rain over the weekend, just nasty, crappy, wet weather. I guess it's typical for this part of the country, but you never get used to it, at least I never have and I've lived here my whole life.

Anyway, on the brighter-side, on Saturday night while we were at the Lit Cigar Lounge, I picked up a couple of cigars that I haven't tried before. BTW Josh, I noticed that my beautiful Partagas humidor is still sitting in there. What, maybe another month before I can come and pick it up?
Backing up one night, Friday night we were down at the Patch. Hard to believe, but the rain had stopped long enough for us to hook-up with the gang and enjoy a cigar and a mocha. Really was quite pleasant for a couple of hours. Got to take advantage of it while you can!

Saturday night started at Kanishka Restaurant out in Redmond, this is their new place just down the street from where they used to be. The atmosphere and ambiance are much nicer here, and the food is just the same - delicious! In my opinion it's the best Indian cuisine on the Eastside. As usual, I ate way too much. Cigar time? Yes!

Torrential rain driving up to the casino, not our normal Seattle drizzle, but that big Miami-rain-drop crap. Ugly stuff. Thank God for valet parking up at the casino.

So I'll skip the part about how much money I lost on the slot machines and tell you about the cigar that I chose from their humidor:

Guillermo León Gran Corona Toro (6.5 x 50 58)
I don't know why I've been choosing the bigger ring gauge cigars lately, maybe psychologically I think that I'm getting more for my money, I don't know, maybe?. Anyway, I liked this cigar, but I think I'd like one of the smaller version better. Big cigars like this can be a lot of work - they don't always burn all that great, you have to give them a little bigger puff, and they can burn a little hot at times. But that being said, it was a good smoke - very smooth medium-bodied cigar, not real complex, but a very satisfying cigar that lasted forever.

Would I buy it again? Not this size, but I definitely want to try the smaller ring size.

My Rating: 8

Sunday afternoon, still raining, maybe it's time to start construction on the ark? Who knows, maybe it'll stop soon. Anyway, I'd done pretty much everything that I had to do, so I broke out the other cigar that I picked up while I was up at the Lit Cigar Lounge.

La Gloria Cubana Serie N Rojo (6 ½” x 46)
You'll find a coupon for it in this month's edition of Cigar Aficionado.

Anyway, it seems like I've smoke quite a few LGC cigars lately, most I didn't really care for all that much, but this cigar is different, this one I really liked. Beautiful dark firm wrapper, perfect burn, full-bodied flavor and tons of rich smoke. Yeah, this was really good. My only little issue was that I smoked it a little too fast - this is a nicotine bomb in disguise. Oh yeah, I was getting a pretty good buzz, so I had to slow it WAY down. But it was worth it, excellent cigar!

My Rating: 8.9 (yeah, it surprised me too!)


Josh said...

The Gran Corona is 6x47. I think the one you picked up was the Gran Toro which is 6x58. I agree, bigger ring guages dilute the flavor. I usually stay below 52.

As for the Partagas humi, we have 41 sold, 69 to go... We're aiming to have them sold by May 1.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Yeah, that's the one. Kind of a mega-cigar. I've got to stay away from these big ring gauges - definitely not type of cigar.

Looking forward to May!

Chris said...

I smoked my 2nd Macanudo 1968 I had sitting in the humidor. This one was better than the first one I had a few months ago. It had a good flavor but nothing stood out too much. Had a good draw, good burn, and yeah...I'd smoke another but I've got too many others to buy first.