Monday, March 7, 2011

LGC Serie R No.6

Surprisingly nice over the weekend, not all that warm outside, but it was pleasant enough to take a nice long walk from my house down to the Marina - I'm trying to finish off the Serie R cigars that I got the week before so I brought one with me, plus I needed to buy some butane over at the Patch.

Anyway, last week was the No. 7, this week the No. 6.

LGC Serie R No.6
5 7/8 x 60

First impression: Ring size is too big, not comfortable in the hand.
Second issue: Terrible burn, totally uneven. (luckily it didn't unravel like the No. 7)

On the plus side - reasonably good taste; little on the full-bodied side.

Would I buy one of these again? Neg, not a chance. Not my type of smoke. In fact, after dinner last night my lovely wife and I were out on the back deck having a drink and smoking a couple of Oliva's. My wife mentioned to me that the Oliva's were far superior to the LGC cigar that we had earlier. I could not have agreed with her more! Good call Honey!

My Rating: 7

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Chris said...

I don't think the cigars were that bad. I still have 2 of mine left. I'm going to let them sit for a bit longer since they were a bit dry when we first smoked them up at the casino. I believe the Maduros were pretty good, I just don't like the huge ring size. I do enjoy the cigar, just not something I would buy on a regular basis.