Monday, April 11, 2011

EO 601 Serie Cigars

I had to sand and paint one of my decks on Saturday, would have been a breeze but the drum-sander I rented didn't work worth-a-crap, basically tore-up $40 worth of sandpaper. Anyway, I needed to get this done rather quickly, mainly because it was one of those rare occasions when "not raining" and "Saturday" both came together simultaneously, but more importantly, J and J Cigars was having an event that started at 1 o'clock!

My lovely wife and I worked our butts-off, didn't finish the deck until late in the afternoon. I wasn't sure if it would be worth going all the way into Seattle or not, plus the event was supposed to get over at 6 PM.

"Oh, what-the-hell. Let's go for it!"

To tell you the truth I've never been to an event at J and J Cigars. I've been to his store quite a few times and I've even been to his place on the day of an event, but never have I seen what a great job they do for these occasions. I think the key is that John knows how to "get the word out". I was thinking maybe 10 people max would still be there when we arrived, but I it was closer to 20-30, and surprisingly I recognized a whole bunch of them! Amazing cigar community here!

Anyway, it was cool meeting Erik Espinoza with EO Brands (Espinoza y Ortega) - He was super nice to everyone, real social guy, plus he's what I would call an extremely cool dude - you'll know what I mean when you see him. What he really has going for him are his cigars. I tried the  601 Green label and the 601 Box-pressed Blue label Maduro, both are phenomenally good smokes! You'd think a weenie like me would probably pass out from these big-boys, but believe me these are some of the smoothest, full flavored, rich tasting smokes you'll find. I totally loved them, and NO, I didn't have to lay down afterwards.
My Rating for both: 9.5

Would I buy one of these again? Hell yes!

Just a note, the Maduro starts out peppery, but smooths out quickly. You'll love it! Trust me!

Side note:
This was a really nice cigar event. John you did a great job! My wife and I really had a good time. Thank-you my friend! (I especially liked the Pomegranate juice with Vodka - that was the perfect drink)
Herman, Sir Godfather, always a pleasure talking to you. Thanks for bringing me up to date on what's been going on, plus all the pointers on Vegas. I'm definitely going to name-drop when I'm there next month.
Chris and Dan, good talking to guys, and Chris thanks for the cigar - I'll smoke it this weekend. I'm also looking forward to that review.
Big Bill - good seeing you again. When am I going to try your special blend coffee again?

Till next time - Take care!


Chris said...

Did you get a chance to smoke the Clasico I gave you?

Sorry that the wrapper on it was cracking at the top. I went through the others in my humidor and found one more that was like that. I think I just got one in the box that has an imperfection. Hopefully it won't hurt anything on it.

It was good seeing you again as well. I'll have to make it to the Patch more often once the weather starts getting better.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Haven't smoked the Clasico yet, but watch for a review on it in the near future. :)

See you down at the Patch!