Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adopted by the Toraño Family

How can I describe this? Let me see... Have you ever been invited to a friend's house for a big Thanksgiving dinner and you were the only one there with a different last name, or maybe you went to your girlfriend's house for the first time to meet her folks, do you remember that feeling you got when the family went out of their way to make you feel welcome, how they introduced you to everyone as if you were now a part of their family too? Well, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Alex with Toraño Cigars, you'll feel like you just became part of his big family too. He's an amazing guy! I mean really, I'm a nobody, but he treated myself and everyone else in the group as if they were long-lost brothers home for the Holidays. Truly a charming and charismatic guy.

(Señor Carlos, you're very lucky to have him on the Toraño team!)

OK, so what led up to all this? Friday night my lovely wife and I were invited to the Toraño cigar rolling event with Master Roller Felipe Sosa over at JnJ Cigars. The event started at 6 PM, but of course we didn't get there till 8 o'clock. We're always late to these things. Anyway, it wasn't raining so I expected to see a boatload of people out in front of John's (JnJ) store smoking cigars, but no one was out there and the main entry door to the store was closed. That's weird, it's usually wide open for events? Well to my delight the event wasn't in the cigar store, it was upstairs in the Vertigo Club. SWEET! If you've never been invited to the Vertigo Club (private club), it's a cigar smoker's paradise. I'm serious! If I were a member I think I'd probably be there more than my own house. Well, maybe... :) Anyway, we went up stairs to the club and found it to be jam-packed full of people!

So just to give you a glimpse of what was going on - To our left as we entered the room was the Toraño display table, lots of goodies. Right next to that was Felipe's table - he was masterfully rolling cigars for one of the prizes that was to be given away later in the evening. I asked Felipe how many cigars he's rolled in his lifetime? He chuckled. Further down is the bar, fully stocked - there were also trays of sweets at the bar - my wife said that chocolate thingy was delicious.

The club has plenty of big leather sofas and chairs throughout the room, of course every seat was taken tonight. What was really impressive was seeing a hundred aficionados having a good time and enjoying fine Toraño cigars.

John, Bill, Alex and all the others that put this event together, you are to be congratulated! Fantastic job guys!

So cutting to the chase, what did I think of Toraño cigars? Honestly I've got to tell you that I've been smoking them all weekend long - Friday at the Vertigo Club, Saturday at the Patch, and Sunday out on my back deck at the house. GREAT cigars! I smoked the Master and Single Region blend, and I'm looking forward to a couple others that I've got in my humidor. You know this was the first time that I've smoked a Toraño cigar - I must be living under a rock or something? Anyway, I can guarantee that you'll be seeing more Toraño reviews on the Kirkland Cigar Club blog in the near future, guaranteed.

It was really a treat to watch Felipe roll those cigars with such ease, each one perfect in every way. Yeah, he's probably rolled a million in his lifetime, easily...

Side note:
Have you bought your tickets for the Seattle Cigar Expo yet?


Chris said...

Definitely a fun time. John's putting on some fun events lately.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

That's for sure!