Monday, June 13, 2011

Ashton VSG Eclipse

We drove up to the Lit Cigar Lounge late Friday night and hooked up with some good friends for a cigar and a drink. We thought about going to the Tobacco Patch, but the threat of rain was looming and I didn't want to worry about getting all wet. Besides, we hadn't been to the Casino in a while.

Skipping ahead...

Ashton VSG Eclipse 6 x 52

I was a bit skeptical if this cigar would live up to my expectations, I mean $20 for a cigar is about double what I'd usually pay. Anyhow, it had been recommended to me by a trusted source, so I had to give it a try.

They tell me that you only live once...

Well luckily this was indeed one of the best Ashton cigars that I've smoked. I loved it and I think the price was pretty close to being worth it. (how often does that happen?)

Delicious medium body, smooth as all get-out, creamy rich smoke, perfect draw.. No complaints at all for this big daddy - totally satisfying smoke! The flavor remained constant and consistent throughout. Amazingly good...

Would I buy it again? Heck Yes!

My Rating: 9+

The rest of the weekend I was smoking my "Go-to" cigars - yes, the Oliva Serie "G". Great cigar for the money. Saturday night we were at the Patch with the gang and Sunday afternoon we sat in the sun out on our back deck - glorious cigar weather. :)

Side Note  - New Italian restaurant just opened down at the marina: "Amici". We tried it out on Saturday night. Food was good, but the service was slow, probably to be expected since they just opened. We plan on trying it again soon.

BTW, "Olive You" restaurant, which is just up the stairs from "Amici", is off my favorites list - just not as good as it used to be. Too bad too, it used to be outstanding!

Hey Chris - everything go OK for you on Saturday?


Chris said...

Things went fine on Saturday. Went to breakfast and just ran errands for the most part. Went to the wife's parents house and BBQ'd with her family. Nothing too exciting.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...