Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toraño Single Region - Serie Jalapa

I'd already smoked my quota of cigars by Sunday afternoon, but on Sunday night after a big dinner my lovely wife says to me: "We ought to go out on the back deck for a cigar?" My reply of course was a no-brainer: "Really? Well, OK..." I didn't want to sound too eager.

Anyway, I made some dark coffee, turned on a little Latin music, and picked out a beautiful, firmly packed, dark wrapper robusto from my humidor. Nice choice!

The Details

Toraño Single Region
Serie Jalapa - Robusto 5 x 52

Wrapper: Criollo 98, Jalapa, Nicaragua
Binder: Jalapa, Nicaragua
Filler: El Estero Farm, Jalapa, Nicaragua

Skipping ahead...

You know if you're like me and tend to read a lot of cigar reviews, you probably skim over all the fluff and focus on the bottom-line: Did they like what they were smoking? (Unless of course the author writes something personal - that always perks my interest)
Anyway, so what did I think of this Toraño Single Region? Great cigar! Delicious medium-bodied, smooth from start to finish, perfect draw and tons of creamy smoke. Sweet? Maybe. It definitely had a unique characteristic about it, and that was one of the things that caught my attention. Even the "wifey-poo" commented on how much she liked it. Definitely gotta have one of these again!

My Rating: 9+



Chris said...

No Patch or Lit this weekend?

The only cigar I got in was at Casa Fuente in Vegas. It was a great cigar. Yeah it's a bit overpriced for a cigar...but it's Vegas. I had 2 mojitos, only because the wife didn't finish hers. They were pretty damn tasty.

Will you be attending the Lit event in October? I'm going to be going to that for sure.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

For sure I'll be going to the Lit for the big event - I wouldn't miss it.

Glad you made to Casa Fuente in Vegas - pretty nice place!

Maybe get together for a cigar this weekend?

Chris said...

Maybe...I'm working a beerfest in Seattle all day on Friday. I think it goes till about 10. So it might be too late on Friday to make it to the Patch. Saturday I'm going back to the beerfest to drink, don't expect me to show up Saturday night, haha. Maybe Sunday...don't take my word for it, but we'll keep in touch.

As for Casa Fuente, man the cigar was great. I don't think it's worth 21 bucks a stick but then again, we're in Vegas. I bought 2 of them. Brought one home for my brother...I thought about taking my band and putting it on another cigar and keeping the real one I was going to give my brother, haha. I was hoping to win about 400 bucks off of the 15 bucks I spent on slot machines so I could buy a box, but no luck.