Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Room 101 Connecticut

Can you remember the last time we had weather this nice on Labor Day weekend? Jeez, it was gorgeous!

So one of the cigars that I had high hopes for over the weekend....

Room 101 Connecticut
315 (Robusto): 5 x 50

Meh... it was OK. The burn started out bad with some major canoeing, but luckily straightened-out after about a third smoked. I didn't care much for the overall appearance, I thought the wrapper and label looked somewhat cheap - just an opinion. Best part of the cigar was the final third, that's when I thought the flavor improved quite a bit. One other item on the positive side is the billows of smoke that this stick produces - very nice!

It's not a bad cigar, but I doubt I'd actually go out of my way to buy one.

Now on the other hand, I was talking to my friend Chris and he said that he also smoked the Room 101 Connecticut over the weekend and he liked it. Go figure!

I have one more of these in my humidor, I'm going to let it age a bit.

Few other cigars from the long weekend:

Rockey Patel The Edge Maduro - Didn't like it. In fact, it was so bad that I put it out. That's pretty bad for me to do that. Stick was hard as rock, terrible draw and a taste that matched the draw. Total waste.

Oliva Serie V - Bought this to replace the Edge. Excellent cigar, loved every minute of it. Not many cigars better than this.

Murcielago Maduro - Outstanding cigar. Love the box press and dark oily wrapper. Smooth and delicious taste.

Casa Fernandez - Excellent cigar in every category. Don't know why we don't see more of these? They're a fantastic smoke!

Side note: Anyone notice the big forest fire that's going on over on the Olympic Mountains? You can see the plumes of smoke big-time from Kirkland.

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