Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cohiba Siglo II (Cuba)

Just returned from a little 3 day jaunt to a resort area not to far from my home here (Brazil), had a great time with some friends of ours. Too bad none of them are cigar lovers. No worries though, they didn't mind if I smoked my Cuban cigars next to the pool. Very nice people....

Anyway if you're curious, the temp here has been in the mid 90's everyday, just beautiful - I don't think we had one day in the 90's all summer long in Seattle!!

So what did I think of the Siglo II? Meh... It was OK. I liked the size, the feel and the look, but I would gladly take a Toraño Master Robusto over one of these any day of the week. The Siglo II is somewhat mild, but occasionally I'd notice a little bit of a bite to it - UGH. Also, the slightest breeze would cause it to burn uneven - seems to be a common problem with Cuban cigars. On top of the uneven burn, I had to re-lite it numerous times. Kind of a pain in the ass cigar.

I'm not sure what my friends paid for this little 3 pak of cigars, but I would imagine that it cost them a pretty penny. Cigars generally aren't cheap here and Cuban cigars are ridiculously expensive. Amazing how they stay competitive...

Side note: I'll be back home by the end of next week. Looking forward to Thanksgiving with the kids!


Chris said...

Have you ever had Cachaça? I read about a cocktail called Caipirinha. It's the national cocktail of Brazil. Have you had it before? They use Cachaça in it. I read that you should use a higher quality Cachaça and you just use lime and sugar. I heard that the Cachaça Benvinda is a nice brand. Bring back a bottle and lets try this drink out! haha jk.

Hope you're having a great time down there! We'll have to hit up Lit soon!

Hef said...

Yes indeed I've heard of Cachaça, in fact last night I was sampling a variety of different blends with a friend of mine.
I'm not a big fan of Caipirinha's, but then I don't really care for Mojitos either.
I've got a couple bottles of Cachaça at the house in Kirkland, I'll let you give it a try to see if you like it. It's different, that's all I can say. :)
Currently, I'm sitting next to the pool smoking an EP Carrillo Maduro - Nice smoke!
Be back by the end of the week.

Chris said...

sitting next to the pool with a cigar? Man I hate you. hahaha. good to hear you're having a great time! see ya in a week!