Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Padrón 85 Years

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours turned out GREAT! Our kids and some of their friends came over for the annual feast this year. Boy, talk about a ton of food and booze - JEEEEZUS! My lovely wife really outdid herself this year, probably the best Thanksgiving dinner we've ever had. Nice job dear! 

One little tradition that we have after our turkey dinner (weather-permitting) is to finish the evening off with cigars and drinks out on our back deck. We lucked-out this year, the rain had stopped and the skies were clearing. I lit up the fire-pit, turned on the patio heater and I brought out an assortment of Toraños and a few of the Dona Flor cigars that I had picked up in Brazil the week before. In the booze department, we had 2 bottles of single malt scotch, my favorite rum, 2 different type of cachaça, and of course multiple bottles of wine. Hey, it's all about choices, right?

Anyway. what a fantastic evening, it couldn't have been more perfect! (only minor snag was that I ran out of propane for the patio heater - emptied both tanks. UGH!)

Friday night, another pleasantly warm evening, temp surprisingly in the low 50's and no chance of rain in the forecast. I would have thought that the gang would be out tonight in downtown Kirkland, but no dice - it was totally dead..I'm guessing that they needed to recuperate from all the food they ate the night before...

Saturday night, temperatures still very mild for this late in November, but a slight chance of rain had been predicted, so we headed up to the Snoqualmie Casino - seems like ages since we were here last. 

Anyway, skipping ahead a bit - My first pull on the slot machine I won $15. Holy Cow! How often does that happen? Never! My whole evening seemed to go that way, I won at slots, poker and the craps table. Unbelievable! Time to celebrate!

At the Lit Lounge we were greeted by Josh (El Jefe) and Narong. BTW Josh, the beard looks great! 

Lots of people were here watching the Apple Cup on the big screen TV's. I'm a Husky Dad, so naturally I rooted for the Dawgs. 
 "You know what the difference between a Husky and a Coug is?"
"They both applied at the UW."
So while I was searching for a cigar in the humidor, my friend Narong pulled out a box of cigars from the cabinet underneath. He gently opened the lid of the box and with a smile on his face, he showed me the treasure inside. You'd think we were looking at bars of gold or something? He told me that these were the very special:
Padrón 1964, 85 Years.  
Very special indeed. 

So what did I think? I loved it! Excellent, excellent cigar in every category. Size, shape, color, feel, draw and burn were all perfect. Rich flavor and exceptionally smooth from start to finish. My only complaint is the price - you'll break the bank smoking these everyday. $$$

Thank-you Narong for pulling this one out of the cabinet for me! I hope there are a few left when I come up next time!

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