Monday, December 12, 2011

Antaño Dark Corojo BP

Joya de Nicaragua 
Antaño Dark Corojo 
La Niveladora Box Press

On the Pros side -  beautiful dark oily, box pressed, firm wrapper. Very nice feel to it.

On the Cons side - I had a hard time with the draw. I like a cigar where you only have to puff it once to get a good volume of smoke. If I have to puff it twice, well that's pretty much OK too, but three times I would considered a bad draw. Of course that's only my opinion...

Another little issue - the taste. I didn't think there was much. It's possible that I was looking for something that might not have been there to begin with. Who knows, I just thought this would have been a powerhouse of flavor. I even tried to help it out - tried pairing it with a full flavored beer - wrong choice. Then I moved to plain water - Meh, didn't help. Lastly, some expensive rum - well, that helped me mentally, but it really didn't bring anything out of the stick. I should have tried dark coffee - that always works!

You know a while back I smoked a JOYA DE NICARAGUA ANTAÑO 1970. I hate to say this, but it wasn't all that different. Again, just my opinion, don't shoot me!
In an effort to be totally fair though, I plan on giving the Antaño Dark Corojo another try...


Chris said...

Where did you get that cigar? I wanna say I had one of those but I ended up gifting it to a friend since I don't think I was gonna get around to smoke it. I remember the band and foot band on it.

Hef said...

I picked it up over at the cigar & wine shop at the Redmomd Towne Square. Looked like a good choice.
I've got to admit though that conditions weren't the best when I smoked it - freezing cold outside. That's why I'm going to give it another shot. Judging by appearance alone it looks like it should be a "stellar" smoke!