Monday, January 30, 2012

¿Alec Bradley Prensado Número Uno?

My lovely wife and I were up at the Lit Lounge on Friday night - weather was too crappy to be smoking outside in Kirkland, plus I think most of the Kirkland gang were already up here.

I wanted to try Cigar Aficionado's number one cigar pick of the year: The Alec Bradley Prensado.

BTW, you still have time to enter the raffle for the Cohiba Humidor that's on display at the Lit. All you've got to do is buy one of the selected Cohibas. (God, I'd love to win this!)

Anyhow, so back to the Prensado.

I've smoked a few different varieties of the Alec Bradley line, so I was sure that this one would be stellar as well. It truly is a good looking cigar - perfect box-pressed, rich dark colored wrapper, Churchill size, just feels right in your hand.

So what did I think? Meh, what's all the hype about? Believe it or not I'd gladly take a Tempus over this one. I'm not saying in any way that this was a bad cigar, no, not at all, it was in fact very good, but in my opinion the Tempus is better.

One little problem that I had with it was the draw - WAY too much work. I really had to puff on it to get the amount of smoke that I like. If  I could have solved the draw problem, I would have rated this on the same scale as the Tempus. 

Would I buy one again? Yes, but mainly out of curiosity - curious if they all have the same draw?

Interesting how this was the number one choice this year....

OK, so I wanted to review one more cigar this weekend - I've actually been waiting for my friend Ryan to put in a review for me, but unfortunately hell hasn't frozen over yet.

Liga Privada Undercrown Maduro

The one word that I think best describes this cigar is "BOLD". Seriously, I thought it was too bold for my taste. Good burn, nice ash, excellent draw, oily wrapper, but just a hair outside of what I like to smoke. Now that's just my taste, and generally speaking I'm a real weenie when it comes to cigars. Maybe had I let this sit in my humidor for a few years? Might have smoothed it out? Next time...

If you like your cigars a little more full-bodied, not necessarily kick-ass, or nicotine-bombs, but just something with a more distinctive taste, this cigar is for you. You'll love it...

Side note:
While we were up at the Lit, just before we were getting ready to leave, one of the members of our group left to go play the slots, he wanted to play for a minute before he had to leave. Well, a few minutes later he returned to our table and told everyone: "drinks are on me!" He had just won $15k on a slot machine. $15,000 !! Holy CRAP! I asked him how he did it and he said that he was betting $8 a pull - he started with $100 and was down to $50 when he hit the Motherlode. 

Sheesh, only in my dreams would that ever happen... Nice job Walt!


Chris said...

Sounds like you had a great time up at Lit. I had to work so I only got one cigar in this last weekend. I had a 262 Paradigm. 262 is a new small boutique brand. Slowly working their way up.

I've had both of the cigars you had this last weekend. And honestly, I wasn't impressed with with either of them. I had burn issues and not enough draw on the AB and I found the Undercrown to be very one dimensional and kind of boring. I do have a Liga Privada in my humidor that was gifted to me. Those are supposed to be way better. I need to smoke that and see how it compares to the Undercrown.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Let me know if you want to publish your thoughts, OK?

Yah, it was fun up at the Lit - sure beats sitting out in the cold. Kind of neat when Walt hit the Jackpot too!