Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rocky Patel Edge


When was the last time I smoked a Rocky Patel cigar? God, it was ages ago. What's weird is that I used to smoke these all the time. Wonder why I lost interest in the brand?

Anyhow, lately I've been trying to smoke some of the cigars that have been aging (collecting dust) for a while in my humidor. This Rocky Patel Edge has been in there forever, maybe longer, good candidate for my Sunday afternoon.

So what did I think? Well, the cigar is wrapped pretty firmly, kind of feels like a little stick of wood, surprisingly after lighting it up though, the burn and draw were perfect, no issues at all.

Taste-wise, it was OK, medium to full-bodied and a nice amount of smoke on every puff. Started out kind of lackluster, but finished very well; last third of the cigar was excellent.

Would I recommend this cigar? Yes and no. For me, no, but that's just because I prefer a sweeter cigar, but for others this might be just what you're looking for: rich full taste, nice draw, not overpowering, and a reasonable price. I've got a friend who loves these.

Don't let the dull, weathered, hard as rock wrapper detour you from trying one of these at least once, you might be surprised...

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