Monday, February 20, 2012

Toraño Cigar Event at the Lit Cigar Lounge

A few photos from the Toraño Cigar Event up at the Lit Cigar Lounge:

When I got home and loaded the event photos onto my computer, I thought to myself: Is this all the photos I took?!! Holy Sheet-O, I can't believe that I didn't take any shots of Kirkland's No.1: Señor Chris and the gang! Sorry about that my friends, I totally spaced. You were sitting right behind me too. Jeez, just fire my ass!
Anyway, I thought the event went pretty well. I bought a box of Carlos Toraño Master cigars, which I love, and of course they gave me a boatload free-stuff, including at nifty new baseball cap - very nice!

Skipping ahead: At the conclusion of the event, if you had bought a certain amount of cigars you were entered into the drawing for a new Toraño Travel Humidor - very nice prize! Lots of people hanging around to see if they were going to win it.

Anyway, remember I told you a few weeks back that my friend had won $15k at the slots one night. Well, guess who won the humidor. Yep, he is the luckiest guy I know. Well, at least he's one of them. Congrats again Walt! That was pretty neat you winning the big prize - you're on a roll my friend!

Little side note: inside the travel humidor were a bunch of cigars. Walt being the gentlemen that he is, was nice enough to distribute all the cigars in the humidor to his friends at the table. Nice touch!

My thanks to Josh and the crew at the Lit, and to my dear friend Alex with Toraño for putting this event together for us. It's events like this that bring the cigar community together, expose us to new products, and most important: Get us a great deal on cigars! Thanks a million guys!

So I wanted to take a photo of the Cohiba humidor that the Lit Lounge is going to give away as soon as all the Cohiba Capa Reserva 2011 are sold. God, it's beautiful and I have just the place to put it in my house. Yes indeed I bought one of the select cigars on Saturday night. To my surprise it actually turned out to be a pretty damn good smoke too!

Anyway, the only way to win the humidor is to buy a cigar, so you better do it quick, because those babes are going fast. Hopefully Walt and Chris won't buy one - if they do I might as well forget about winning anything. They're soooo lucky...



Chris said...

It was a fun time up there. Pretty laid back, got a little busy at times but never too crazy. I smoked a Loyal and I thought it was just as good as the first time I had one. I know you weren't a big fan of it but I thought it was good. The draw was a bit tight but I have another one so hopefully that one will be a bit looser.

John Heflin said...

Yeah, it was a good time, smoked a bunch of Toraño Cigars that night - Love the Vault and Master. :)

They really need to expand the Lit Lounge so they can accommodate all the people who want to enjoy a fine cigar up there. You're right, it gets busy!

Chris said...

I heard a rumor that the casino is going to expand, which maybe Lit might get a little bigger too?

How was the Vault? I heard it's a hard hitting cigar, so smoke after a big meal or something. Or at least that's what Alex told me.

John Heflin said...

I like the Vault a lot! In fact, the last one I smoked up at the Lit was outstanding. Of course I had a full stomach and I'd already put down a couple shots of that new Snoqualmie Bourbon that they got in. Good stuff!

I'll have to ask Josh if there's anything in the works about expansion.