Monday, March 26, 2012

Carlos Toraño Virtuoso

A couple photos from the Alec Bradley cigar event on Friday night.

Don Hanes/Alec Bradley Cigars 

Don Hanes and Murad/Owner Tobacco Patch

Event went well - good turn out. I bought a handful of Prensado and Tempus cigars, got a couple AB T-shirts, and of course a few free cigars as well. They had a little raffle at the end of the event for those that had bought stuff, as usual I didn't win anything, but one of the guys that did was kind enough to share the love and handed out a bunch of cigars to everyone. Nice...

Which brings me to this week's review...

I bought this cigar down at the Patch a few weeks back, kind of curious how it would compare to some of my favorite Toraños.

Carlos Toraño Virtuoso Maestro 
Churchill 7.0" x 50

Smoked this on Sunday afternoon down at the Kirkland marina. My lovely bride and I have found the perfect bench down at the end of the dock, it's basically behind that big blue metal wall where they park the Argosy - blocks the wind perfectly!

Anyway, when I bought this cigar I thought it looked pretty good in the store, although seeing it today in the daylight I noticed that it has a big-ass vein running down the entire length of the back of it. JEEZ...

So what did I think? Meh... It was OK. I've got to tell you though that I also smoked a Vault and a Masters over the weekend, so I had a couple very good  Toraño cigars to compare it to. Had I not smoked those two cigars I probably would have rated it higher. One little issue was the draw, had to really puff on the sucker to get the amount of smoke that I like, luckily it did eventually open up, but still didn't produce the billows of creamy smoke that I was looking for.

Taste was good, not great, medium to full-bodied. Smooth, not creamy, and not the rich taste that both the Vault and Masters display.

Would I buy one again? Probably not, sorry. Too many other Toraños that are far superior. That's just my opinion though.

Oh well... 

Side notes: 
Kirkland #1 Chris - Sorry I missed you guys Friday night. I couldn't hang around any longer - 2 cigars is basically my limit. Definitely should have dressed warmer - froze my butt off, along with everyone else I guess. . Hope you found a nice place to eat? 

Nathan - nice meeting you finally! You do indeed know your cigars my friend. We'll have to get together again soon. (neighbor)

Cigar get-together coming up at my place - I'll keep you posted on the date. 


Chris said...

Sorry I wasn't able to stick around with you and smoke a cigar. If it wasn't for the other 2, I would have been there earlier. We only ended up smoking one cigar since we got done with dinner a little late. We then did a little bit of bar hopping for my friend's 30th birthday.

I didn't buy any AB sticks because I already have a box of AB Black Markets and a crap load of singles of everything else from AB. The last thing I need right now is buying more cigars, haha.

By the way, I'll be in Vegas this weekend. I'll definitely be hitting up Case Fuente. I'll try to bring back a house cigar for you. No promises though, but I'll try my best.

John Heflin said...

Man, have a great time in Vegas! I hear it's supposed to be nice and warm this weekend; temp in the 80's.

Perfect cigar weather!

Send me a picture when you're over at Casa Fuentes, OK?