Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gurkha G5 Avenger Torpedo

This may sound strange, but in all my years of smoking cigars I've never smoked a Gurkha, until now that is. Honestly, I thought I was buying a Graycliff, maybe the big brother to the G2. Heck, when you're in a cigar shop looking at thousands of cigars, they all start to look good at some point. Anyway, this one caught my eye and I bought it.

Light drizzle on Friday night, or was that a heavy mist? Yeah, we've got a bunch of different terms for rain. Basically we're the exact opposite of Southern California where they have just as many ways to describe clear beautiful sunny skies. BTW, on average there are 226 days of cloudy skies in Seattle. Say what!?

Anyway, life doesn't stop for crappy weather, so on Friday night we went out to dinner to a somewhat new place in south Kirkland: Big Fish Restaurant, next to SR-520. I've driven by this place numerous times and always threatened to eat here, but never got around to it or just forgot that it was down this way. Well, Friday night I remembered, actually dinner was between this place and another seafood joint, but Big Fish won out since it was closer. Turned out to be the right choice - great service, nice ambiance, delicious food, and the bill didn't break the bank. Definitely be coming back here!

Anyhow, my lovely wife and I decided to have an "after-dinner cigar" back at the house since there was no way that we were going to stand out in the rain over at the Patch, or even at the VIP seating by Starbucks, way too nasty out.

BTW, do you smoke cigars inside your place? We don't, but on rare occasions like tonight we'll do kind of a half-way thingy where we smoke next to the sliding door that opens to the outside deck - we don't freeze our butts off and the house doesn't smell of cigar smoke the next day. Well, sort of...

So what did I think of the Gurkha G5? Great looking cigar, however the wrapper had a very slight scent of ammonia - somewhat hard to detect at the cigar shop, especially since it's wrapped in cellophane.

I thought that the burned was fine, the draw was good, and it produced plenty of thick smoke. Taste was medium to full-bodied, but more on the full-bodied side. I've mentioned this before, I like a cigar with just the hint of sweetness to it, so this variety didn't really WOW me. Compared to some of my favorite cigars, this was kind of dull. That's just my opinion though. It's not a cigar that I would turn down, but not one that I would buy again. That probably says it best.

For the record I paired this with a glass of Bulleit bourbon, but I think a cup of dark rich coffee would have been a better choice.

Side note: I stopped by the Tobacco Patch earlier in the week and found out that they are having an Alec Bradly Event on Friday, March 23rd. Don Hanes with Alec Bradley Cigars will be there from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Rain or shine I'll most likely be there!

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