Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rocky (RP) Patel Fifty

Too crappy to hang around K-land on Friday night, so of course we drove up to the casino to do a little gambling and enjoy a fine cigar in the Lit Lounge. Strangely enough I won a little money at the craps table, so it turned out to be a good night to splurge.

Rocky Patel Fifty

If you've never tried one of these beautiful cigars, I highly recommend that you make this one of your next smokes. They're not cheap, but in my opinion they're worth every penny. It is an excellent cigar! Something about a box-pressed cigar that has always appealed to me, just feels right in my hand, unique. As an added bonus I paired it with a glass of Snoqualmie Reserve XII bourbon on the rocks. (one of my new favorite bourbons and I've been told that you can buy it at the Snoqualmie Tobacco Store out by the main highway)

Anyhow, this is a medium to full-bodied cigar, probably more towards the full-bodied side, but not overpowering in anyway. Rich taste, nice amount of smoke, and smooth as hell. I loved it! (feel free to buy me a box)

One of these days, you, my fellow cigar-connoisseur, will have to teach me how recognize the nuances of a fine cigar, how to pick out the subtle hints of cocoa or coffee, fruity or leathery, cedar or oak, any of these characteristics I'd love to be able to discern and tell you that I did indeed notice them. Until then, I guess I'm just an aficionado who loves cigars.

Anyway, I was really surprised with this Rocky Patel 50 and I think you will be too. Very, very nice smoke!

OK, so I ordered a few cigars from Jungle Smokes a while back, I think I saw them mentioned on a blog someplace. Anyway, after a couple shipping mishaps the cigars finally arrived at my place.

Holy Crap, and I do mean CRAP, they weren't kidding when they said these come from the jungles of Honduras. Heck, I think they should call them Tribal cigars. Honestly I can't say that I've ever seen a worse looking cigar. I mean no disrespect to the Indians that must have rolled these, but JEEZUS! They were bad.

So how did they smoke? You're kidding, right? They smoked just as good as they looked, that's all I can say.

Side note: Made it down to the Patch on Saturday night. I didn't think it was all that cold, but my lovely wife said that she froze her butt off. Luckily I brought along a quick Robusto.

It was good to chat with the gang again. Can hardly wait for the weather to improve!


Chris said...

Those are quite interesting looking cigars (the Jungle Smokes) John. What about them made you want to try them? I've always been curious about trying different things, but those are quite different looking.

John Heflin said...

To be quite honest, I think I was trying to help them out by buying a few sticks, you know, help the new kid on the block. Well, that's about all the help they'll be getting from me. I'll let have one the next time I see you. :)