Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little story for you...

My friend Josh, the manager of the Lit Lounge, had a "March Madness poll" on the Lit's Facebook page recently. I didn't realize it at the time, but there was a prize involved. Guess who won? 

So on Friday night while we were enjoying a fine cigar and drink up at the Lit Lounge, Josh stopped by our table to present me with the winning cigar. I wish I would have looked at the cigar a little more closely when he handed it to me - HOLY SHEETO! He gave me one helluva nice cigar! JEEZus, Thank-you Josh! 

Which leads me to the review:

Partagas Serie P No.2 Torpedo - Habana

I'll get right down to the bottom line: Stellar! 

You know how I'm always saying that Cuban cigars are way overrated. Well, just shoot me - this cigar is worthy of the bandera Cubana. Excellent smoke all around. Silky smooth, medium bodied, maybe more on the mild side, but in my opinion it's one of the best mild cigars that I've had in a long, long time.

Burn was perfect, draw good, and plenty of smoke on each puff. Even the wifey-poo thought it was exceptional!

I paired it with a glass of Oban single malt scotch (on the rocks) and some dark organic chocolate. Yeah, interesting combo, but this dark chocolate had an intense coffee flavor to it, really brought out the richness of the cigar. And of course the Oban was the perfect way to cleanse the pallet, so to speak.

God, what a great way to end an exceptionally busy weekend. Thanks again Josh - I know you really didn't have to, but your kindness is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work my friend!

Side note: Kirkland #1 Chris - looking forward to smoking one of those Casa Fuente cigars with you and hearing more about your trip to Vegas! Must have been ʎzɐɹɔ¡


Chris said...

The trip was pretty fun and entertaining. Definitely one of the more wilder trips to Vegas that I have had. Nothing too crazy happened though. It was pretty warm down there for the most part. Unfortunately it didn't follow me back home, sorry about that.

I did pick up a box of Corona Gorda's of the Casa Fuentes. I have no problem parting with some since some people asked me to pick them up some. So I picked up a box. You can buy 1, or you can buy 5, doesn't matter. But I'm willing to share.

John Heflin said...

Heck yes - I'll take at least one! (I'd take more, but those suckers are $$$)

Glad you guys had a good time down there!

Let's get together soon...

Anonymous said...

You must be mistaken as to where you procured that cigar, John. Cuban cigars are illegal. You did the right thing and incinerated it as soon as you found yourself in posession of that. No way the fine tobacconists at Lit would ever knowingly do such a thing. ;) Enjoy the herf tonight. Sorry I can't be there.

John Heflin said...

You missed a good time my friend - I hope you can make it to the next one!