Monday, May 21, 2012

Arturo Fuente Añejo Maduro

Rainy Sunday afternoon. Believe it or not this has been one of the nicest months of May that I can remember, up until today of course.

Anyway, I'm not sure how this cigar wound up in my humidor, possibly a friend gave it to me, who knows? I know for a fact that I didn't buy it though, just looking at the wrapper would be a good enough deterrent in my book.

Arturo Fuente Añejo Maduro 
6 1/4 x 48

Firmly packed, rugged maduro wrapper, almost perfect burn, excellent draw, peppery full-bodied taste and loads of thick smoke.

Did I like it?
Heck Yes! But I doubt I'd smoke these everyday though, a touch too bold, definitely a "big-boy cigar, not for the beginner in the crowd.

This is one of those cigars that will satisfy your cigar craving for a few days. No way I could smoke another cigar right after this one - I need to recover first!

Side notes:
Troy and Nathan - great seeing you guys over the weekend!

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