Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cigar-friendly island?

Ever been to Bermuda before? Surprisingly most people assume that it's in the Caribbean, but if you look on a map you'll see that it's way the heck to the north, way out toward the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Anyway, this little island has been on my lovely wife's list of "places to see" for quite a while now, so since I had a little vacation time coming, now was as good a time as any to pay a visit.

Skipping way ahead...

We just got back from the island paradise on Sunday night. I'm not going to bore you with all the little details, but just a few things that you'll notice right off when you arrive here:
Super clean - Excellent transportation system - people are classy and well dressed - they drive on the wrong side - lots of quaint little English-style villages - breathtakingly beautiful beaches - and super expensive real estate.
One other thing that you'll notice is that there aren't any fast-food restaurants. Yep, no McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc., etc... Quite refreshing if you ask me, although there were times that I wish there were a Starbucks near by. ;)

So here's the little story that I wanted to tell you...

When we arrived in Hamilton, the capital, I was curious if they had any cigar bars or lounges, maybe even a nice little cigar shop. Well to my surprise while we were walking down the waterfront, I spotted a store that had the Habanos logo across the front of their store window. Neat O! We walk into the store and right off the bat I'm thinking to myself that this really isn't a cigar shop. I mean yes, they do sell cigars, cigarettes, and an assortment of other oddball items, but the cigar selection is minimal, just a few open boxes of Cuban cigars, and I'm not seeing any humidification in the display case. What made matters worse was that the only cigar that I would have considered buying out of what they had to offer was the Montecristo No.2 Torpedo, and unfortunately there was blue mold growing on a few of the sticks. UGH...Sorry Charlie, not this time...

Just for the hell of it, I asked one of the three gals that was working behind the counter: "So are there any cigar bars or lounges in Hamilton, some place where I might be able to smoke a cigar?" 
She answered back: "No, we like to promote a healthy lifestyle - there aren't any places to smoke cigars here."
I'm thinking to myself that this gal is probably the worst person in the world to have working in a smoke shop. I had to laugh...

It turns out that you can smoke cigarettes in most restaurant that have open air seating, but cigars and pipes are a NO-NO. You'll even see it printed on the menu: Cigarettes OK, but no pipes or cigars please!

There were a few other stores that we ran across that sold (Cuban) cigars on the island, but nothing equivalent to what we have back home. I think even the worst cigar store back home is considerably better than anything that we saw on the island. I'm sure the only reason they sell cigars (Cuban) at all is to please the dumb Yanks that come off the cruise ships.

Cigar friendly island? Not a chance! But I'd go back tomorrow if I could.

Almost time for another Cigar Night in K-land. I'll keep you posted...

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