Monday, July 2, 2012

One of the best cigar events!

Here are a few photos from the E.P.Carillo cigar event at the Union Cigar Society on Friday night. (you'll have to excuse the poor quality shots - I had to use my old cellphone)

So what did I think? Clearly one of the best cigar events that my wife and I have been to! We really were blown away at how perfect everything was! Jennifer, Daniel, Narong, and the rest of the crew did an outstanding job putting this together and making sure everyone felt right at home. Plus, you won't find a pretty place on Lake Union to enjoy a fine cigar! What a great time!

Thanks guys! 

BTW, when's the next event?


The Cigar Habanero Newsletter said...

John, as always. Great job and what a place to be on a sunny day with a great cigar! I'll be there on the next one :)

John Heflin said...

Thanks Sir Godfather - I really appreciate your comments my friend!

What was surprising about the event was the weather - it must have been 70 degrees at 9 o'clock at night. Very comfortable, even for my lovely wife - and she complains about everything!
Also I thought for sure it would pour down rain, but we just got a little sprinkle here and there, nothing measurable - the seating area was covered anyway.

Sitting out on Lake Union with your fellow cigar aficionados, amongst all those million dollar boats, enjoying a fine cigar with your favorite libation - what more could you ask for?

Yeah, they really did a GREAT job. This was my first time over there and I remember both my wife and I saying that the event was much, much better than we expected. That says a lot right there! They definitely hooked us as customers!

Take care Herman - looking forward to our next cigar!