Monday, October 29, 2012

Dois Charutos Brasileiros

Generally speaking, it's pretty rare to see me smoke a cigar during the week, I'm pretty good about only lighting-up on weekends, but occasionally I'll break this rule if something special comes along, like a Montecristo No.2 Pyramid (Cuba) that's been perfectly humidified since 2005. Yep, my neighbor called and told me to come on down for cigars and booze. I know, I know, school night, but how could I say "no"!?

God, talk about a stellar cigar too! Holy Sheet-O! If was phenomenal! And pairing it with Balvenie Single Malt Scotch - oh brother! Just shoot me now! To top it all off, he brought out a Montecristo No.4 (Cuba) to finish the evening off - Amazing night...

Yep, if you're going to bend the rules a little bit, might as well do it right!

Anyway, a few weeks back, my friends from Brazil were vacationing with us and they were nice enough to bring me a few Cuban cigars, which I've smoked already, but they also brought me a couple cigars that are "Made in Brazil."

Monte Pascoal
Double Corona 7 5/8" x 49
Wrapper: Brazil Mata Fina

Dannemann Artist Line Reserva 
Mata Fina Double Corona

I had a chance to smoke both of these Churchill size cigars over the weekend. 

So what did I think? 
Monte Pascoal - was OK. Not all that smooth and really no wow-factor to it. To be honest, I'm not a real big fan of the Mata Fina leaf. I know it's kind of a trendy leaf these days, but this one just didn't hit it off for me. 

Skipping ahead to the Dannemann, which surprised me - I thought for sure it would be a repeat of the Monte Pascoal, basically the same tobacco and size, but you know the more I smoked it, the more I kinda liked it. Turned out to be a pretty good, albeit mild, mata fina leaf cigar. Again, no big wow-factor to it, but compared to the Monte, it was much smoother with a better overall taste. Not bad at all! I'm not going to say that I would go out of my way to buy one, but if I were in Brazil and had to choose between the two, my hands-down favorite would be the Dannemann Artist line Reserva. Easy choice...
Side note: 
Are you going to the 10-7 Bond Night Event this weekend? My lovely wife and I will see you there!
Fun, fun, fun!


Chris said...

Sounds like an interesting cigar. At least you were able to try some local made cigars.

I smoked a Tatuaje Little Monster last night. I had the Frank Jr. It was a box pressed and it actually didn't burn as fast as some other box pressed cigars that I've had before. It had a great full flavor and surprisingly it didn't knock me off my feet. Thankfully I have another one since the Little Monsters set came with 2 of each cigar. I may have to try to sneak in another one from the set tomorrow since it'll be Halloween.

John Heflin said...

Nice action on the Little Monster Chris! I haven't smoked any Tatuaje cigars in ages - surprised this one didn't kick your butt! ;)
Let me know if how the Halloween stick goes and if you like it just as much as the first one?
BTW, almost time for you do write a review, isn't it?

Chris said...

It's been time for a review from me in a long time. I just haven't taken the time to sit down and write something out. One of these days...

John Heflin said...

Feel free to add something whenever you like Chris - you've got full access to the blog.