Sunday, October 14, 2012

WCSF - Bigger & Better!

What a GREAT time! 

Definitely bigger and most certainly better than last year, and I might add that last year was phenomenally good. If for some reason you decided not to come this year, you probably missed out on the best cigar event of the year! I'm not kidding! It was fantastic! The cigars, the booze, the food, the prizes, plus some of the best deals on your favorite cigars. "WOW! It was amazing!"

Josh, his crew, the vendors and the Casino, all are to be commended for really going above and beyond this year. The attention to detail and making sure that everything ran perfectly is what really stood out. (I especially liked the staff making sure that the tables and ashtrays were always clean and the food tables were continually restocked - nice touch!)

Believe me I'm already looking forward to next year! It was super nice seeing all my friends up there!

I took a few photos of the event with my camera, but if you want to see some professional photos check out the Lit Lounge Facebook page.  They're really good!

Thanks Josh, for having the cojones to put this event together again for us - I can only imagine how much work and stress it was for you and your team. Job well done my friend! I hope this event continues year after year, and that it continues to be Washington's Premier cigar event!

Side note:
So after a fantastic evening like last night, how did I top it off? I went to the Vertigo Club in Seattle for more fun and cigars. Holy crap, what a night!

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