Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vertigo Club Charity Event for RMHHC

We were invited to this event a couple of weeks ago while we were attending the 007 Bond Event in Tacoma. Bob Reife and Tim DeVore with the 10-7 HA Club, told us that they were putting together a little shin-dig up at the Vertigo Club to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Holiday Cruise charity.

The RMH Holiday Cruise charity has supported families for over 30 years by providing a magical event complete with a holiday celebration, gifts from Santa, and an evening dinner cruise aboard the Royal Argosy. The cruise takes hundreds of ill children and their families on Christmas Eve voyages on Lake Washington annually.

Now you're probably wondering why the sudden interest in this particular charity? Well, you may have read in the Kirkland Reporter or the Seattle PI recently about the previous RMHHC treasurer embezzling funds. Hard to believe, especially when you know how special these kids are! So Bob, Tim, and countless others worked hard to make sure that the program continues and the kids don't miss the boat this year. (no pun intended)

Anyway, the event was a complete success - Standing room only! Great music, good food, whatever you wanted to drink, and of course the finest cigars. What more could you want?

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I'm glad we had an opportunity to contribute to this very worthy cause - I couldn't have been happier about how everything turned out. We had a GREAT time! Nice job guys!

Side note:
Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this has been a good year for you, and that the coming year is even better!

Take care!


Chris said...

Looks like a great time!

Hef said...

I would have thought with that many people that it would have been smokier, but it was actually quite nice! I'm glad we made it.