Monday, December 3, 2012

Alec Bradley New York

Judging by looks, this cigar has everything going for it - great shape, nice label, beautiful dark wrapper, firm.

But how does it smoke you ask?
Smooth, medium-bodied, nice amount of smoke, draw just about perfect.

Reliable. I'm not going to tell you that this was a great cigar, but it was enjoyable.

Would I buy it again?
Actually it was given to me, but I might buy one in the future, "might" being the key word. You know how I always say that my favorite cigar is a free one, well, that only applies to singles sticks, buying a box requires a big-time WOW factor!

This AB NY has a lot of really good characteristics, and I'm sure this is the perfect smoke for a lot of you guys, but for me the taste wasn't quite to my liking. I have one more of these in my humidor, I'll be curious if my opinion changes after I smoke it.

We shall see...

Side note:
Heading south in a few weeks - can hardly wait to feel the sun again!

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