Monday, December 10, 2012

Cohiba Siglo VI Tubo (habanos) REVIEW

Review of Cohiba Siglo VI Tubo; the habanos version.
A Story of our Blessings:

Being that one of my favorite indulgences to date has been the Habanos Cohiba Robusto, the Siglo VI offers a "special occasion" opportunity to which I could not resist.
Available as a 3-pack tubos, or in the pricey 10ct box, or ever-pricey 25ct box, I naturally opted for the tubos (about $23/stick, or $70 for a 3-pack prior to taxes/shipping)

        My history with my special occasion cigar.
In line with the "special occasion" opportunity; after finding out that my wife was pregnant, I reveled at the thought of having a son; we were letting it be a surprise. If it was a boy, having a 3-pack of stogies; 1 to have at birth, and the other two shared on his 18th birthday, would be a real treat. If we got a beautiful girl, then I enjoy them at my leisure.
As life has it, we had a BOY.
As with all habanos, and Cohibas I've had to-date, this one lives up to its reputation.
My Siglo VI was ordered and aged in my wonderful "tuperador" for about 5 months prior to partaking.  Thanks to our strict state law, and the time commitment of an infant, I recently enjoyed this Cohiba about the 2-month mark of my son; with friends at the Kirkland Tobacco Patch.

The look of this cigar is "average" for a Cohiba. There are no special markings outside the tubo, and this was not an EL (edition-limitada).  The feel was firm, with enough give to enjoy the feel in your hand or mouth without that spongy or rock feeling. The filler appears well packed, but not too tightly to inhibit draw.
The wrapper was excellently constructed, with a very nice round cap, and clean foot.
Rating on a scale 1-3, this yields a 2.75

The flavor was a nice full body with very mellow butter and nut, with hints of pepper and cedar; without being overpowering.  Since it was aged many months, it was a smooth and mature taste.
The initial light didn't pop with a pepper flavor, but did have notable strong tastes for the first minute, but quickly eased into a very nice flavor that had mild changes throughout the cigar.  I enjoyed it until the last 20%, where the flavor got too strong and woody for my tastes.
Rating on a scale of 1-3, this yields a 3, easily.

The draw was excellent!  There was enough flow to enjoy full flavor without too much effort, but just enough to let you know you were smoking something wonderful.  Burn was slightly uneven, and required about 3 re-lights throughout the 45-70 minutes I was enjoying this cigar; although that is significantly above my normal, it reminded me that expensive things can also be finicky.
Perhaps the ability to stay lit could have been due to the cold/damp evening, or the storage humidity level, or any number of factors.
Rating on a scale of 1-3, this yields about a 2.5 for failure to stay lit.

Overall score for me; a picky cigar person, with very personal tastes; it gets an 91%.

Would I buy more of these; ABSOLUTELY YES.  And I have 1 more to share and 1 more to enjoy in another 18 years with my son.  Hopefully, they will only age better than ever.

For the price, these are very good. Can you get another habano that's as good for cheaper?
I'll let you decide. In the interim; enjoy!!!


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John Heflin said...

I want to be there when you light up that 18 year old Cohiba! On man!
Good review Nathan!