Monday, December 10, 2012

Dona Flor (Seleção) - REVIEW

Review of Dona Flor 'Seleção' (select) version.

A long day of cold winter evenings had to be interrupted by a nice dry, albeit overcast and cold, evening out to enjoy a cigar.
This review of the Dona Flor Seleção, is, well, underwhelming.
I got this stick as a paternity gift (along with some other very nice items).
My anticipation and excitement about this cigar probably results in the review below
Granted my review of this cigar is slightly stilted, because of my enjoyment of a very nice habano just prior. However, there may be some truth to my lies...

The construction appeared very well made.  The stiffness was firmer than what I'm accustomed to, but offered a little give.  The head appeared well made, and the foot was cleanly cut and straight. The wrapper was a beautiful milky cocoa color, with little veins. Boundless amounts of filler, but no visible stems.  The smell was... average.
Rating on a scale 1-3, this yields a 2.5 for good construction but stiffness.

The flavor was the surprising part.  After lighting, i was hit like a wrecking-ball with a punch of woody and leather, and very strong flavors.  I recall it not being to peppery (my personal tastes), but knock you over strong for the first 2-3 minutes of burn.  It was too much for me.  Alas, I power through, fingers crossed, for better times to come.  They do; for a short while.  Past the 15% mark, the stick mellowed out to a very nice tone and seemed to behave.  This lasted for about 10 minutes, and the naughtiness returns like an ADHD-toddler with pots-n-pans.  The changes were extremely abrupt, flavor changes were not palatable for me.  I had to stop a little over half-way through; just couldn't take it any more.
I have no clue if there was any age on this prior to being a gift; and given the chance to sit and mellow, there may be a possibility here.  I hope you are more patient than me.
Rating on a scale of 1-3, this yields a 1.5 for the inconsistency and poor flavor.

The draw was much stiffer than i anticipated; possibly due to the large and compressed amount of binder and filler.  The old high-school saying about "chrome off a bumper" (if you know the reference).  Plus side is that when lit, it burned evenly, stayed lit, and had a nice ash pattern.  I cannot say for certain, but my thoughts are either very well hand-made, or machine made (leaning towards the latter).

Rating on a scale of 1-3, this yields about a 2.5 for the stiff draw.

Again, I'm a bit of a picky cigar person, with very personal tastes; it gets my lowest rating yet at 72%.

Would I buy more of these; no.
Getting one as a gift, I thank the gifter tremendously and probably should have waited longer before lighting this one up.

Given the choice, I'd rather stick with my go-to favs.
However, I'll let you have the final word; enjoy!!!


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John Heflin said...

Nice review Nathan! I think I'll pass on picking one of these up when I'm down there. Your review is exactly what I thought it would taste like!