Monday, February 11, 2013

RP Burn

Did my taxes on Sunday, I won't actually file them until the last minute, but the wifey-poo was curious to see how much we owe this year. No big surprise to learn that we owe more taxes this year than last. Wonderful...What makes April worse is that my King County property taxes are due that month as well. Yah, April sucks, no doubt about it...

Anyway, after all that good news I thought I'd enjoy a fine cigar out on the deck, I needed to clean the barbecue anyway.

So here's what I found in my humidor:

Rocky Patel Burn, Naples, Fl. 
6 1/2 x 52 Toro
Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Honduran

Bottom line - I liked it! Overall a very enjoyable medium bodied cigar. Good taste, nice burn, OK draw, and just a slight bit of sweetness that kept me interested.

Would I buy it again? If I were choosing only from the Rocky Patel brand of cigars - YES! This is one of their best in my opinion!
I've got a few other RP cigars in my humidor that I plan to review in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned...

Side notes: 
My lovely bride and I are venturing over to houtie-toutie Bellevue more and more these days. We tried out a couple of restaurants that we haven't been to before:

El Gaucho Restaurant - beautiful restaurant, good service. Food? Meh, it was OK. I wasn't real impressed. Pretty $$$ too. Seriously doubt I go back, unless of course someone else is buying.

Earl's Kitchen & Bar at Lincoln Square - Excellent! Good food, great service, reasonably priced, comfortable. We tried to get into Palomino just a few doors down, but the waiting list was too long. Pleasantly surprised that we found a table at this place - very nice! Definitely going back again!

I'll be heading up to the Lit Cigar Lounge this weekend, haven't been there since last year - sounds like a long time ago, doesn't it? Might try to make it to the Punch/Barcardi event on Friday night. You never know, maybe I'll see you up there?

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