Monday, March 11, 2013

Los Blancos Criollo

Had a chance to smoke one of these Los Blancos Criollo cigars on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately I didn't have anything handy to write with, so I jotted a few notes down on my cell phone while I smoked it. 

Here's what I scribbled ... 

Beautiful torpedo, 52 x 6.50.
Very mild.
Smooth; maybe too smooth?
Tight draw. 
Not a lot of smoke.
Burn uneven.
Sorry, draw way too tight.
Not much flavor.
Too mild.
Halfway - still looking for some flavor.
Final third - finally starting to develop.
Draw improving.
Best part - final 10 minutes.

You can probably tell that I wasn't real impressed with the cigar. Biggest issue was indeed the tight draw - way too much work, plus it lacked flavor overall. (just my opinion) 

Would I buy it again? Neg, not a chance, sorry...

Had I not smoked a couple of other really nice cigars (J Fuego & Flor de las Antillas) over the weekend, I might not have judged this cigar so harshly. But on the other hand, this really wasn't my style of smoke - looks can be deceiving sometimes...

Side Notes: 
I talked to a reliable source on Saturday afternoon and he told me that the Seattle Cigar Expo will be back this year in August. He gave me a few details, but I'll hold off on publishing anything until it becomes official.
Stay tuned!

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