Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Leccia Tobacco Black & White

Up at the Lit Cigar Lounge on Saturday night with my lovely bride. Hey, I've got a cigar for you to try the next time you're up there:
Leccia Tobacco White 650
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Nic, Dom, Penn
Origin: Nicaragua

I wasn't planning on buying one of these, in fact I probably wouldn't have even noticed them on the shelf, but good ole Richard, one of Lit's finest cigar aficionados, recommended that I try it. His famous catch line to me is always: "You won't be disappointed."

Skipping ahead - Boy, he was right! The Leccia White turned out to be an excellent smoke! A little fuller bodied, but smooth as hell. Really enjoyed smoking this! Nice recommendation Richard! I'll definitely smoke one of these again.

OK, so there was one little issue with the cigar, but it didn't really bother me enough to say "WTF?". It started to unravel at the head. Yeah, that's kind of annoying - nothing like picking little strands of tobacco off your tongue and lips. Oh well, it really wasn't that big of a deal.

Side Notes: 
I kind of found this out the hard way, but I've discovered that it's best to join a craps table that is full, rather than the one with just a few people. Why? Basically, you're following the winners. More often than not I've won money at a full table. Weird, eh?

Hey Josh, where were you on Saturday night?

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Josh said...

I can't remember where I was last Saturday, or even what I had for breakfast this morning. I think I cut out early to catch up on Game of Thrones. I'll be around tonight though...