Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunny and HOT in Seattle?

Can you remember the last time we had temperatures in the mid 80's the first week of May? Holy crap, it's nice! The Cinco de Mayo festivities on Sunday night in downtown Kirkland were unreal! Milagro Cantina and the old Olive You nightclub were probably the loudest and most packed, but Mi Mexico and Cactus restaurants were a pretty close second. I never made it over to the other side where the Irish Rover and 21 Central are, but I'm sure they were rocking as well. Olive You was really the place to be though - what a party over there!

Kirkland's a happening place when the sun comes out!


You know I smoke quite a few cigars every week and I know for a fact that I could smoke a helluva lot more, but, I try to behave and only smoke on the weekends. Yes, it's probably for the best, plus my lovely wife won't disown me for spending too much on cigars. I'm sure you all can relate to that...

Anyway, I recently picked up a box of one of my favorite cigar brands:  Oliva Serie GChurchill 

Honestly, I could smoke these any time of day, probably my favorite all-around cigar, just about perfect in every category. In fact, if I could only smoke one brand of cigars for the rest of my life, I'd be perfectly happy with this one. That kind of tells you how much I like 'em!

Now, of course I'm not going to limit myself to just this brand of cigars, I do indeed love trying new stuff,  but I'll always come back to my Oliva Serie G - they are the benchmark of how I rate all cigars...

Do you have a benchmark cigar?

Side notes:
Found out the other day that the Seattle Cigar Expo might not happen this year (again). One of their primary sponsors has dropped out. Ouch...Stay tuned, we'll know for sure in about a week or so...

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