Monday, July 22, 2013

Best BBQ of the Summer!

If you didn't make it to the BBQ up at the Snoqualmie Casino on Sunday, you missed a FANTASTIC time! Talk about picture-perfect-postcard weather! Plus, the location where they had the event (Mountain View Plaza) overlooks the entire Snoqualmie Valley, with Mt.Si and the Cascades in the background - what a spectacular view! Sitting there with friends on the terrace, enjoying some great food, sipping on my favorite beverage, and topping it off with a fine cigar - Man! It doesn't get any better than this! Oh, did I mention good music too!

I forgot my camera, but I did happen to snap off a few shots with my cell phone - not the best shots and not necessarily the whole area of the event, but you can kind of get a feel for how nice it was:
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Lit Lounge Summer BBQ

It was pretty cool seeing all my old cigar buddies again - some of you guys I only see once a year. How is it that you guys always seem to remember my name? I'm impressed!

Met a few new people at the event as well. One of the couples that I met was super lucky, not because they were sitting right next to me, but the fact that they won 3 prizes, including the 2nd place price, which was a pretty cool golf bag! Wish I would have won it - I would have given it to Lily. (I promised her that I'd give it to her if I won, which I knew for a fact would never happen)
Josh and the rest of the gang did an OUTSTANDING job (as always) putting it all together for us. I mean, these are really BIG events, and from what I could tell everything went off without a hitch - flawless! Nice job guys! I'm sure the general public has no clue how much planning goes into something like this. Amazingly well done my friend!


Side notes:
Looking forward to the final outdoor event for the summer - August 6th from 6-9 pm - Janny Garcia and Pete Johnson, creators of the La DueƱa cigar will be up at Lit. Should be fun, fun, fun! Mark your calendars!

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Thanks for the write-up! Always appreciated!