Monday, August 5, 2013

Nestor Miranda Collection - Blue Label

Earlier in the week while I was on my nightly walk, I just happen to notice a poster in the window down at the Tobacco Patch advertising an upcoming cigar event for Saturday night: 

Miami Cigar & Company

"Cool! I'll be there!"

Well, Saturday night rolls along and of course I forgot all about the event. It would be nice if the guys over at the Patch would get rid of their Tin Cans and String and start using the Internet to get the word out! Sheesh! Well, I guess I could have wrote the date down... Meh...

Anyway, I wasn't actually planning on going downtown that night, but it was such a beautiful evening that I decided to take a late night walk and smoke a cigar along the waterfront. When I came around the corner at Lake Street I saw everyone out in front of the Patch.

"Oh that's right, there's an event tonight - Neat-O!"

I walked into the Patch and saw my pal Ed Ryan, he's the rep for Miami Cigars up here, he filled me in with what was new and what the deals were for the evening. I found 3 different cigars that looked pretty promising and Mr.Ed gave me a couple of these little guys that I'm reviewing today.

Nestor Miranda Collection - Blue Label

OK, so I guess I'll have to shoot an email off to my friend Ed to see what the details are on this cigar, I searched a bit on the web but I really couldn't find any info on them. So let's just call them the "cigar they hand out at events" for now...

I've honestly got to tell you that if you ever see one of these blue labels on a Nestor Miranda cigar - BUY IT! Excellent cigar! From the first puff I knew that this was something special, just a perfect draw, tons of smoke, and a smooth medium to full bodied taste - Super nice! The cigar lasted just under an hour, which I thought was quite a long time for such a little guy. I've got one more of these in my humidor and I'm already looking forward to smoking it. GREAT smoke! 

The event turned out to be a good time - lots of people. I ran into a couple of guys that I haven't seen in years down there. It was nice catching up with them and talking about the "old days" down at the Patch. Pretty neat evening! Guess that's why people continue to show up down there... 

Side Note:
I'll be up at the Lit Lounge tomorrow night for the final outdoor event of the Summer. Janny Garcia and Pete Johnson will be up there with a few of their featured blends. Should be a good time! Maybe I'll see you up there? 

Update from Ed: 
As far as the Nestor Miranda 'Blue Label' is concerned, you basically said as much as I know about it. It is the cigar they give out at events. It's a special event Nestor Miranda cigar that isn't available for sale. Like all Nestor Miranda cigars, it's Nicaraguan and rolled at My Father Cigars S.A.

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