Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Road Trip

You know even though you can buy Cuban cigars in Canada, good luck trying to find a place to smoke them, especially in BC and Alberta. Well, I was up at Lake Louise last week and I finally found a place: The Post Hotel. It's not cheap by any means, but it's worth stopping by, especially if you're in the neighborhood!

Anyway, I brought a few cigars from my collection along with me for the trip and I've got to tell you that there were a couple in the bunch that really stood out, in fact, I think I might buy a box of these:

El Centurion - My Father Cigars 
3 Reynas 

Never smoked either one before, but these were phenomenal! If you know my taste, you've got to try either one of these, you won't be sorry. Typical Nicaraguan excellence - sweet, smooth, perfect draw and tons of smoke. Brother they were exceptionally good!

So on our way back from Lake Louise/Banff, we decided to make a little detour over to Couer d'Alene, Idaho - nice little drive. You're probably wondering why I came back that way instead of through Kamloops or Kelowna? Well, on the way up we drove through Kamloops and we could have come back via Kelowna and down through Wenatchee, but in all actuality, I wanted to see Couer d'Alene and come back through Spokane so we could stop at the Legend of Fire Cigar Lounge at the Northern Quest Casino. Heck, I've never been there before, I had to stop by!

Anyway, after doing the tourist stuff and spending the night over at Lake Couer d'Alene, we started heading back to Kirkland with that quick stop in Spokane. The Northern Quest Casino isn't far from I-90, maybe 5 miles, so it's not really too out of the way for us.

If you've never been to the casino, it's really nice, in fact I think it might be nicer than anything we have on the west side - beautiful hotel, big gaming area, lots of nice restaurants, and everything looks brand spanking new. We were impressed! You know living in the Seattle area you always assume that a bunch of yahoos live over here, but this was actually First Class all the way. :)

So I asked a lady at one of the restaurants how to get to the cigar lounge and she points me in the right direction. We walked down this long hallway and I see the lounge up ahead - cool! This is going to be great! We walked up to the double doors, I can see the how nice it looks through the glass, I gave a little tug on one of the big doors - LOCKED! OH NO! They're not open yet. SHEEEEEEE-IT! Just my luck...
Guess we could have waited a few hours for the lounge to open, but we really had to head home. DAMN!

Side Notes: 
Little Smoke @ Northern Quest Resort & Casino is this coming Saturday. (I would love to go to this) Also, there's an event down at the Tobacco Patch on Saturday night. I might show up for this one, but it'll be tough - we're having friends over for dinner. 

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