Monday, October 28, 2013

San Lotano Oval Lit Cigar Lounge 5th Anniversary Edition

Bought a box of these at the cigar festival a few weeks back...

So what did I think? 

GREAT cigar! 

No kidding! I've smoked a bunch of these since the event and they've moved up to my list of favorites. Honestly, they're a little stronger than what I normally smoke, but Holy Crap, these are good! Absolutely the perfect cigar after a big meal - Smooth, flavorful, perfect draw, tons of smoke, and that oval shape, yeah, it's pretty neat!

Would I buy them again? Unequivocally YES! Superior cigar!

Side notes: 
You may not have noticed this, but there is a link on this blog to a calendar of events - it list all that's happening in King County, plus an occasional post from our friends to the south. (10-7 Habanero Club)
Check it out!


Josh said...

Thanks for the great review! I'll share it on our upcoming newsletter.

Anonymous said...

So just curious, is this the same cigar as the normal SL oval, but with a special band just for Lit, or it it a unique cigar?

Hef said...

Honestly I think it's the same cigar, but since the Lit is one of my favorite hangouts, I just had to buy a box.
Great cigar though...

Josh said...

To answer your question, it's the same cigar, however the regular Oval uses 4 year aged tobacco. We started this project back in late 2012 and our cigars were set aside for another year of aging giving them 5 years to honor our 5 year anniversary. I feel like it gives the cigar a bit smoother profile, but if you found an Oval toro in a store that had been resting for a year, it would be very much the same thing. We hope to have a single store release in the works someday that is an exclusive blend, but those projects require a much larger order. We can point to the success of the Lit 5th Oval to help get approval for such a project down the road.