Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zino Event @ Tobacco Patch Bellevue - Friday, Oct.11th

Picked up this flyer while I was on my walk last night...

You'll notice that this event is actually at their Bellevue store, not Kirkland, which might be a problem for me since I get home from work so late. I might try and blast over there anyway, I'd love to check out the ZP Mobile Lounge!

Side Notes: 
The other night my lovely wife and I were out on our deck, the upper deck, enjoying a fine cigar and sipping on something alcoholic, can't remember what, probably bourbon. Anyway, it was a pretty crappy evening weather-wise, cold and damp, and it felt like it could rain at any minute, typical for this time of year.
So we're sitting there and in the distance I can hear a siren, maybe an ambulance or a police car, but the very faint sound of one, pretty common sound, so I didn't even pay attention to it. The next thing I know, I hear what sounds like three large dogs down in the ravine howling away, howling like it's a singing contest to see which one can hit the same pitch as that stupid siren, just a howling away, and all of this is happening just a spitting distance away from where we're sitting!


Yep, they were indeed coyotes! Amazing...You know, if we lived in Issaquah or Sammamish, I wouldn't have thought twice about it, but we live pretty close to downtown Kirkland - we're not suppose to have coyotes out here, are we?!!
They entertained us a few more times that evening, they were kind of cute really, but I'll definitely think twice before I venture into the ravine again. Sheesh! And I thought the raccoons were bad!

PS - we have had a deer in our backyard before, so I guess a coyote or two isn't all that far fetched...

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