Monday, March 10, 2014

Cigars at Nate's

I got a TXT-MSG from my pal and fellow Kirkland Cigar Club blogger, Nathan, earlier in the week. It read:   "Cigars Saturday?"

It's been a while since anyone has invited me over for cigars, and now that I think of it, Nate was the last person to invite me, so how could I refuse, plus I wanted to meet the new addition to his family: Oskar, his son. (what a cutie)

As to be expected, the weather all week was your typical Seattle mucky-muck - rain, rain, and more rain, ugly stuff, and yes, it rained like a mo-fo on Saturday night as well. Luckily though, Nathan has a nice set up at his place for smoking cigars out in the soon to be famous "Man Cave". I especially like the duo-heater combo, keeps things nice and toasty on a cold, rainy evening.

Anyway, a few of Nathan's colleagues from the "Lazy B" were joining us, or maybe I was joining them, either way it turned out to be a real good mesh - super nice guys! I may be an old man, but this group made me feel right at home. 

For drinks, Nathan brought down a bottle of Gentleman Jack whiskey and a bottle of Jameson 18 year old Irish Whiskey. Actually, the Jameson he got from the backseat of his car. Doesn't everyone carry a bottle of Jameson in their backseat these days? lol

So what was I smoking? 

Oliva V Melanio figurado 

I think this is one of the more sophisticated looking cigars that I've smoked. Its figurado shape, rich color, and eye catching labels, all come together to make it a truly unique cigar. Love the box-press too! 

So what did I think? Excellent, of course! You probably already know that I like Oliva's, and this one is no different: It has a perfect draw, exceptionally smooth taste, and volumes of creamy rich smoke. Delicious, simply delicious! I'll buy this one again and again.

Our host Nathan was smoking a Cuban Montecristo Limitada, which he liked. I took a few puffs off it and thought the draw might be a bit tight, but other than that it was totally acceptable. Perfect choice for him.

The rest of the gang were smoking Toraño's, which I personally picked out. Why Toraño's? Firstly, because Nathan has a boatload of expensive cigars in his humidor, and I wanted to match the caliber of cigar to the smoker. Although these guys have smoked cigars before, they don't smoke cigars often enough to fully appreciate the big money cigars that Nathan has been hoarding away. These Toraño's are actually pretty good cigars too. You might laugh, but I like them. I find that they're a good cigar for the beginner or for the seasoned traveler, like me, plus they're a good price! 

All in all, I thought it was a perfect cigar evening - Nice job Nathan, and thanks for inviting me - I hope we can do it again real soon! Maybe next time at my place? 

Side Note: Have you bought your ticket to the SpingSmoke yet? I know I'll be there! 

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