Monday, April 21, 2014

Four More Days til Spring Smoke

Monday, April 21, 2014

Four More Days Til Spring Smoke

We're just a few days away from our biggest cigar event of the season, the Lit Spring Smoke! Tickets are still available at the casino box office or via Ticketmaster.

You already know about the awesome door prizes we have to give away, including the CAO Speakerbox humidor and the CAO Flathead Toolbox with tool shaped cigars.

We've just received some of the gifts that CAO will be offering with cigar purchases - and you don't want to miss this! They've sent two mysterious crates, called Area 9, filled with packs of exclusive unreleased cigars that are not available for sale. The only way you can get these packs is at our event.

They've also sent more of the cool CAO Flathead wall tins depicting 4 different scenes in the Flathead theme of Hot Rods and Pinup Girls.

Manny Chao, brewmaster at Georgetown Beer is going to dig deep into his vault and bring us two limited edition beers to taste - the Kiss Ass Blaster Triple IPA and the Double Deux Belgian Dubbel. Two more reasons to get your tickets today!

New at Lit

We've got a few things to try the next time you're in, especially for you bourbon geeks:

- Orphan Barrel Barterhouse and Old Blowhard - The Orphan Barrel whiskey company is dedicated to finding lost and forgotten barrels from around the world. Their first releases are both bourbons discovered in old warehouses in the Stitzel-Weller distillery in Louisville, KY, most famous for producing the coveted Van Winkle collection of whiskeys.

Barterhouse is a 20 year aged bourbon with notes of roasted grain, charred oak and a brown sugar finish. Old Blowhard is a 26 year old bourbon which contains exuberant, rich flavors with undertones of smoke and honey followed by a gentle finish – dry and spicy with a hint of orange peel.

- Booker's 25th Anniversary - To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the one of the most respected bourbons in the world, Booker's has released this 9-11 year old unfiltered and barrel strength whiskey. Booker's 25th is a lush, spicy and complex whiskey despite its high alcohol content.

All three of these products arrived as part of an extremely limited allocation and won't last long. We hope you can enjoy a glass the next time you're in!

Happy Smoking!

Lit Cigar Lounge - Snoqualmie Casino
37500 SE North Bend Way
Snoqualmie, WA  98065


Anonymous said...

I don't see any mention of the anniversary celebration at Black Raven Brewery in Redmond. They will have an outdoor cigar area plus live music. Sounds like fun. Here's a link:
It's on 05-08-2014 from noon to 8:00 at their brewery located at 14679 NE 95th St Redmond, WA 98052. Right off Willows Road.

Hef said...

Definitely going to try to make it this year! Thanks for sending me the info!
BTW - I think the event is on the 3rd of May, not the 8th. I could be wrong though...

Hef said...

Calendar of Events has been updated:

Hef said...

Black Raven Brewery Flock Party