Thursday, September 18, 2014

Canada/New England Cigars

Just got back from a couple weeks vacation on the East Coast - God, what a fantastic time we had! Some pretty cool places we visited, maybe a few sleepy towns as well, but overall a wonderful trip! Hard to be back at work this week... Ugh... 

Few observations when it comes to cigars in some of these places: 

First stop: Montréal

One of the coolest cities in all of Canada. My wife and I just loved it here! So much to do and tons of great restaurants! Easily could live here if it didn't snow. Yah, right... 

Anyway, so finding a good cigar shop isn't all that tough here, and there was a good one not far from our hotel:

It's actually a pipe shop, but they've got an excellent selection of Cuban cigars. Super nice guys working here too, and of course, ils parlent anglais aussi! 

Now you'd think that this being a pipe-cigar shop that you'd be able to enjoy that fine cigar in their shop right? Not a chance! This is Canada, remember! It's almost as bad here as it is over in British Columbia, and that's got to be the worst place for smoking anything! But in Montréal they have a little exception to the rule, which leads me to our next cigar location:

Before we left on our trip, I googled "Cigar Lounges" in Montréal and came up with this place. It was only about 10 minutes by taxi from our hotel, and me being the cigar-fanatic that I am, I just had to check it out! Plus, I think this is the only cigar lounge in town? 

The night that we were there it was pretty cool, and I don't mean temperature wise. Check this out: Concert
There was an outdoor concert going on just across the street and about a million young people having a blast! Stogies Cigar Lounge is on the second floor looking out towards where all the action was, so we had a great place to watch the festivities while enjoying a fine Cuban cigar. Yeah, this place has an excellent selection of cigars, but plan on dropping at least $100+ for cigars and drinks for two people. It was worth it though! What a crazy, but cool night! 

Anyway, this is the little exception to the rule - it's OK to smoke if they have an outdoor rooftop terrace, which Stogies does. We saw one other place where you could smoke cigars, and it too was located on the rooftop of a building. Compared to our neck of the woods, this is more than acceptable. :)

Next few stops went like this: 

Québec City - Didn't see any cigars shops or cigar smoker, but it's a beautiful city though, almost as fun as Montreal - very, very pretty. 

Charlottetown, PEI - Zippo on cigar shops, but really a cute little historic town, "Birthplace of the Confederation." You'll know what I'm talking about if you're Canadian. 

Sydney, NS - Meh, not much to write home about. 

Halifax, NS - I actually liked this city a lot! Weather was just like Seattle in November, but other than that it was fun. You ever get up this way, make sure to check out the Citadel at the top of the hill - very cool! Oh yeah, didn't see any cigar shops. (wasn't looking very hard) 

Bar Harbor, ME - This is another really pretty town, and yes, the lobster is King here! Cigar shops? I didn't see any, but holy crap, what a beautiful place! Really was surprised! I expected it to be like Fisherman's Terminal over in Magnolia, fishing boats and stuff, but no, it's more of a touristy kind of town. Very picturesque! 

Final stop:

Boston, MA

I've definitely got to come back to this city - absolutely loved it! So much to do, so much history, great places to eat, and great people! We had a blast! Probably liked the North End the best - some super good Italian restaurants here! 

What about cigars? Well you'll find plenty of cigar shops, but only one cigar lounge, and that's up in Little Italy (the North End) as well. 

Good selection of cigars, plenty of seating, and we had a waitress that took good care of us. The place was pretty busy too! Thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend that you check it out the next time you're in Boston. It has a kind of 1920's look to it, a little different feel than the Vertigo Club, maybe more rustic, but still very, very nice! 


So the Wifey-poo and I were in search of the perfect lobster roll, since basically we were in lobster country. Out of all the restaurants we tried in Nova Scotia, Maine and Massachusetts, Boston was the winner by far! Now you're probably saying WTF? Maine or Nova Scotia has the best lobster! Well, that may be the case, but as far as putting into a bun and serving it to the public, the beautiful city of Boston came out on top! It was delicious!


Are you planning on going to the Washington Cigar and Spirits Festival this year? Me too! I'm going to try to get up to the casino in the next couple of weeks to get my ticket. Should be fun!


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