Monday, September 22, 2014

Padrón Family Reserve - 50 Years

Went up to the Snoqualmie Casino on Saturday night for a cigar and a bit of gambling, I also wanted to get my ticket for the Washington Cigar and Spirits Festival. (coming up on Oct.11)

So Saturday nights at the casino are generally pretty busy, but tonight was exceptionally busy! The only game that I actually wanted to play, Craps, all the tables were totally full. Yes, and I didn't feel like hanging around waiting for a place to open up either. No worries, off to the Lit for a cigar!

At the Lit we saw that the gang was already here, so we asked if we could pull up a chair and join them? Amazing that we found two chairs to pull over to the table! I asked where my friend Josh was, El Jefe of the Lit, and I was told that he wasn't there tonight. I wanted to ask him how ticket sales were going? Pretty sure that they've always hit the maximum numbers for this event, that's one reason why I wanted to get my ticket tonight.

Anyway, I'd heard that the Lit had the Padrón 50 Year Anniversary cigar in their humidor, and since I didn't actually lose any money tonight on gambling, this was the perfect opportunity to blow some serious cash on ONE fine cigar! I won't tell you how much I paid for it, but let's just say that it's the most expensive cigar I've bought in the States this year. I say "in the States" because I've spent a bit more than this on cigars in Canada this year. $$$$

So what did I think of it? Probably one of the best cigars I've smoked so far this year! They're short cigars, just 5 x 54, with a beautiful box press dark wrapper. I couldn't find a thing wrong with it, other than the price of course. I must say that it was as close to perfection as you can get. I loved it!

Would I buy one again? Without a doubt YES! However, it will probably be a very special occasion before I purchase one again - they're damn expensive!

So just before we ventured over to the Lit Lounge, my lovely wife said to me: "We better go and buy your ticket so you don't forget." I told her that I wouldn't forget since this was the primary reason we came up here in the first place. She said "ok", and we went off and had our cigars.
Well, I didn't actually forget about the tickets, but I did forget that the box office closes at 10 or 10:30pm. We showed up just before 11 pm and the lights were off. CRAP!! I should have listened to her! She loves when I say that..

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